Jennifer Lopez Wants to Play Drug Lord Griselda Blanco - Five of Her Most Overlooked Movie Thrillers

Why They Might Have Gone Unnoticed

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Jennifer Lopez Wants to Play Drug Lord Griselda Blanco -  Five of Her Most Overlooked Movie Thrillers

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Jennifer Lopez

The recent murder of Griselda Blanco -- dubbed Colombia's infamous "Cocaine Godmother" -- may not resonate with some people, but if Jennifer Lopez has her way, we'll get a glimpse of one of the world's most deadly drug lords. According to Mark Wahlberg, who has a script in the works about the life of Blanco, J-Lo is said to be chomping at the bit to play the Colombian cartel queen. Despite the fact that she's best known for her work in rom-coms, Jennifer has snagged parts in several thrillers. Here are a couple of her most neglected films.

"U-Turn" (1997) - Upstaged By a Snake

J-Lo's highly sexualized role should have been a huge magnet for audiences. Alas, that simply wasn't the case. "U-Turn" did very poorly at the box office, earning less than $7 million of its estimated $20 million production budget. With Oliver Stone's dusty comic book imagery and a solid cast (Nick Nolte, Joaquin Phoenix, and Sean Penn amongst others) this movie probably should have been a smash. However, just a few months prior, the world watched Jennifer wrestle with a giant snake in "Anaconda." It's no wonder her subtle performance in "U-Turn" didn't seem to go over so well.

"The Cell" (2000) - J-Lo, McConaughey and Football, Oh My!

Jenny starred opposite Vince Vaughn intTarsem Singh's penetrating film that ultimately earned an Oscar nod for Best Makeup. Despite the fact that the movie nearly doubled its budget in ticket sales, it has been largely forgotten since its release. JLo's first rom-com, opposite Matthew McConaughey, "The Wedding Planner" could have had something to do with that. The sappy flick was released shortly after "The Cell" on Superbowl weekend and took viewer's attention in another direction.

"Angel Eyes" (2001) -????

Despite the mysterious atmosphere permeating the "Angel Eyes" trailer, the film's supernatural undertones were never fully realized. Jennifer's romantic drama with Jim Caviezel was more of a thrilling love story than an actual thriller. On one hand, some critics embraced the sultry star's competent acting skills. But others concluded that something was askew with the story as a whole. Fans ostensibly felt the same way. All in all, this movie kind of stumped everyone.

"Enough" (2002) - Tough Girl, Tough Critics

Jennifer Lopez kicked butt in this movie, literally. For that reason alone, some former naysayers had to give her props. In addition to that, the ability to play an emotionally and physically abused mother added yet another layer to her action roster. But something about this movie just didn't seem too realistic. A score that barely scrapes 20% on, sort of confirms that.

"Bordertown" (2007) - DVD Graveyard

"Bordertown" probably should have added an extra patina to the former Fly Girl's acting career. Lopez played an anguished news reporter caught up in a string of serial murders occurring around the border town of Juarez in the early 90s. Unfortunately, Jen took on at least five comedic characters right before the horrific true-life tale, which probably overshadowed this daring role. In the end, the movie wasn't marketed as a Hollywood blockbuster, and was eventually relegated to the straight-to-DVD circuit.

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