Jennifer Lopez Releasing 3D Movies - Other Stars Who've Released Movies

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Jennifer Lopez Releasing 3D Movies - Other Stars Who've Released Movies

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Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is heading back to the big screen but not exactly in the way that we're used to. The singer will release her own 3-D concert movie "Dance Again," featuring Jenny's life, music, and the big changes she's went through in the past few years.

Her manager, Benny Medina, says the title of the film is a reflection of J-Lo's courage and strength to get up and "dance again" after dealing with tough issues both personally and professionally.

When J-Lo left "American Idol" this summer she discussed her career and talked about her plan to return to acting. Although she won't be acting, this film will give fans and viewers a chance to see a different side of the triple threat.

Jen isn't the only singer that's given people a sneak peak of what it's really like to be famous.

Justin Bieber

The teen heartthrob released his film "Never Say Never" in 2011 which featured J-Bieb over the course of 10 days on his world tour. "Never Say Never" was hugely successful, grossing more than $98 million dollars worldwide.

The film, while showing J-Biebs sing some of his most popular songs, also portrayed who he is behind the glitz and glam as just a regular teenager with a strong love for God and Christianity. It's rumored there may be another Bieber movie in store for fans but nothing has been officially confirmed. Would you go see another 3-D film of the teen star?

Katy Perry

Like J-Biebs, Katy has had a whirlwind career. Katy was the first female artist in history to have five #1 singles off of the same album, "Teenage Dream," while also going through personal troubles with her failed marriage to comedian Russell Brand.

In her 3-D movie, "Part of Me," Katy-kats were able to see Katy as her usual bubbly and cartoon-like self as well as what she's like off stage. The film documented Katy dealing with her marriage and the eventual break up while on tour. "Part of Me" was only released a month ago and has already earned more than $30 million dollars.

If J-Lo's film is anything like Justin and Katy's, she could see a huge pay day. 3-D concert movies are big wins for both the celebrity and their fans. With the release of J-Lo's 3-D movie we wonder what other singers will release films in order to share their personal lives with fans in a different way while also cashing in at the box office. Will you be heading to the theater to see Jenny's 3-D film?

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