Jennifer Lopez and Other Stars Who Reunited with Their Ex for Work

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Jennifer Lopez and Other Stars Who Reunited with Their Ex for Work

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The latin duo, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, had to reunite for their television show "Q'Viva" despite …

When couples break up, you don't usually expect them to work together again, but that is not true in the world of celebrities. In fact, quite often, it can be an excellent way to gain more attention! Jennifer Lopez and her ex, Marc Anthony, are set to work together again in May this year for Q'Viva. Since their split, both Lopez and Anthony have moved on to new relationships, so it will be very interesting to see how they relate to each other through the show. They aren't the first couple who broke up, then reunited for work. Here are three more examples of couples who put their relationship drama aside to further their careers.

Rihanna and Chris Brown

Rihanna is no stranger to causing controversy, but when she collaborated with her ex, Chris Brown on a remix of her song, "Birthday Cake," the world was outraged. Just three years ago, Brown assaulted the pop princess while they were dating, so when she chose to work with him again, many eyebrows were raised. The song turned out to be pretty good, but whether it was worth the fuss it caused is a matter for debate.

Julia Roberts and Liam Neeson

Many years ago, when Julia Roberts hadn't yet hit the big time, she starred in a little known movie called "Satisfaction" with Liam Neeson. The pair dated for a while, but their union didn't last long. Fast forward to the 90s, and both Neeson and Roberts had become world famous. It was in 1996 that they worked together again on the movie "Michael Collins," in which they played a couple.

Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake

Diaz and Timberlake were a match made in showbiz heaven, but after nearly four years together, they called it quits. Last year, the pair got back together to work on the comedy flick, "Bad Teacher." If that doesn't sound awkward enough, the former lovers also had to film a raunchy sex scene! Justin insisted that it wasn't so bad because they recognized the humor in the scene, but this sounds like the stuff of nightmares to the rest of us!

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