Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony: Devastating Celebrity Divorces

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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony during happier times.

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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony during happier times.

After seven years of marriage, twin babies and joint creative ventures in music and the film "El Cantante," Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have called it quits. Hot on the tail of Tea Leoni's and David Duchovny's divorce announcement, the news may seem abrupt but how shocking are celebrity break-ups by now? It is Hollywood after all and the shelf life of most marriages is as long as "Gigli's" run in theaters. Besides, some of us always thought Lopez needed a meatier man. Lo siento.

Let's look back at some of the most memorable and unexpected splits in recent Hollywood history. These are the Kidman-Cruise conundrums and Shriver-Schwarzenegger shake-ups which left us confounded and confused.

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker

Second time's a dud for Eva Longoria who split from husband number two, Tony Parker, last year. Longoria and Parker seemed perfectly matched despite their age and height differences. She was his biggest fan on and off the court and he reportedly was too busy sexting with his former teammate's wife to keep his seven year marriage together. Longoria tearfully discussed her divorce in an interview with Piers Morgan and said she remains friends with her ex.

Shania Twain and Robert "Mutt" Lange

Shania Twain seemed to be happily married for 14 years to a music producer who didn't enjoy being seen publicly with her. To add insult to injury, Lange cheated with Twain's married best friend. Then, in a soap opera twist, the country crooner married her former best friend's husband. This couple swap has the makings of a Bravo reality show.

Ryan Reynolds and Scarlet Johansson

This relationship was shocking for being as stealth in its beginning as it was at its end. Ryan Reynolds and Scarlet Johansson quietly married in Vancouver in 2008 and then filed for divorce without any fuss in December. The relationship then got even more weird when the two were spotted having a romantic dinner on July 9th, eights days after their divorce was finalized. Is this a case of divorce remorse or a celebratory last hurrah?

Jon and Kate Gosselin

Although coining Jon and Kate Gosselin as celebrities borders on the ridiculous, what's even more ridiculous is the aftermath of their divorce. Jon bought stock in Ed Hardy's bedazzled collection and Kate went from bitchy to fire-breathing villain. Her subsequent uber-orange tan and hair extensions were a perfect match for Jon's beer gut and desperate dating life. Alas, Jon and Kate couldn't realize how perfectly matched they were.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

Six years (about the average length of a successful Hollywood marriage) have passed since the shocking Pitt-Aniston split, but it still seems like yesterday. There is an upside to the Brangelina union which nailed the coffin shut on Braniston's marriage. No, not the nifty name combining. The mediocre "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" got far more box office success than it otherwise would have. The down side is Hollywood's sweetheart had her heart broken. Hey, the best revenge is looking good. Right, Jen?

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