Jennifer Lopez - Five Ways to Spice Up Her Love Life After Her Split from Marc Anthony

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After Marc Anthony, who should Jennifer Lopez hook-up with next?

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After Marc Anthony, who should Jennifer Lopez hook-up with next?

Maybe it's a little too early to speculate on who actress/singer Jennifer Lopez should hook-up with next or how she should go about it, after all her split from husband of seven years Marc Anthony was just announced this past week when the couple released a joint statement saying, ""This was a very difficult decision. It is a painful time for all involved, and we appreciate the respect of our privacy at this time." But given the speed with which celebrities have been known to bounce back after a split, it's only a matter of time before the 41-year-old actress' name is linked to another man. And given her romantic track record and past failed relationships, maybe it's time Lopez tried something new to spice up her love life. Here then are five things she could try.

Star in "The Bachelorette"

Already a veteran of reality TV do to her role in "American Idol," Jennifer Lopez could cross over from the FOX network to ABC and star in "The Bachelorette." Besides providing a great big boost in ratings for the program, Lopez could help pioneer a celebrity foray into the series. Of course, the fact that the she will have 25 eligible bachelors to choose from won't hurt Jennifer's love life any.

Hook-up with a Contestant on "American Idol"

Let's face it, "American Idol" hasn't had a real juicy Judge/Contestant scandal since Paula Abdul's alleged affair with contestant Corey Clark in 2005. At the time of the allegation, Abdul was only a year younger than Lopez is now, which means the actress is not too only to be caught in a similar scandal. Besides, with the departure of Simon Cowell last season, the Fox reality hit may even benefit from a new rumor or two.

Date a Prince

If you are Jenny From The Block, where do you go from relationships with mega stars like Ben Affleck and Marc Anthony? The answer, the British Royal Family of course, after all wasn't Prince Harry just recently spotted in the company of Hollywood blond bombshell Charlize Theron? So why not Jennifer and Prince Harry, since the younger prince's relationship with Chelsy Davy has never been all that solid.

Date an Athlete

Since she has been less than lucky with a Hollywood actor and a world renowned singer, maybe it's time for Jennifer to hook-up with an athlete of equal star power? Recently actresses such as Hilary Duff (hockey player Mike Comrie), Minka Kelly (baseball player Derek Jeter) and Eva Longoria (basketball playerTony Parker) have all gone that route, so why not Lopez? While the success of the relationship may be only short lived, it will at least keep her name in the press for a while to come.

Hook-up with her Next Movie Co-Star

Though Jennifer is now 41, she still commands starring roles in Hollywood romantic comedies, so why not take up with a her next co-star? This was the route that America's sweetheart Meg Ryan took when she hooked up with Russell Crowe after her marriage fell apart with actor Dennis Quaid.

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