Jennifer Lopez Causes Riots with “Papi”

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Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is back. And even though it looked that she might have traded movies for music, she's continued to plow on, keeping up with the barely-legal sex symbols who seem to crop up every ten minutes. J.Lo has never really left the music scene, cranking out a few lukewarm hits at a time. But it's hard to deny that the 40-something has definitely still got it. She reveals that in "Papi", her latest music video. The peppy song is kind of infectious. But the sound invokes images that don't quite match those floating across the screen. (Ahh, the beauty of music videos.)

The scene is like some kind of insane episode of The Bachelorette.

With all those men literally falling from the sky, this video has product endorsement written all over it. You can just picture it: some woman using Herbal Essence shampoo steps out of her apartment building, only to be mobbed by hordes of men who are intoxicated by the shampoo's scent. (Wait, didn't they do something like that already?)

With that perfectly timed car wreck setting off the action, it also strikes me that this could be a good commercial for Geico. The auto accident is startling, but somehow innocuous at the same time. And at some point, a bottle of Crown Royal Black is passed to a man at an outdoor café. Product Placement anyone?

The scene quickly gets way out of hand. It's almost scary, as the hordes of men become veritable swarms. Jenny's cute little "oh-I'm-so-panicked" face is priceless. That's right, J.Lo. Don't crack that fantastic make-up job.

Everywhere she turns, people are rioting and fighting one another. It's apparent that her sex appeal is so off the charts that she's igniting Armageddon. (Is this the real reason Marc and Jennifer split up?)

But just when you think that the mobs will remove Jennifer from the car and re-enact a scene from "28 Weeks Later", she comes spilling out of the sunroof into Vegas-style choreography. It was all a ruse. They weren't trying to eat her alive. They just wanted to dance with her---in the street. Aww.

She dances for her papi---or---papis, invoking her Fly Girl days when she used to pop, kick, and slide around on the floor. Only she's not doing all of that in this video. For the most part, she gets tossed around like a rag doll. It sort of looks like a stunt from "America's Got Talent"---only she's wearing really great shoes. Finally her real papi comes to rescue her, and they ride off into the sunset. End scene.

"Papi's" music video isn't really riveting stuff. But it's fluffy and cute. And perhaps the best vehicle to sell a song that some might overlook as club banging material. But with this song, J.Lo wants us to know that her milkshake still sends all the papis to the yard.

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