Jennifer Lawrence Loves Talking About Boobs and Butts

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Jennifer Lawrence Loves Talking About Boobs and Butts

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Jennifer Lawrence stuns and sings.

Jennifer Lawrence was definitely shaken up when she walked up to the stage to accept her Best Actress award at the Oscars, but she managed to overcome the shock of almost falling flat on her face to reveal her favorite part of the ceremony after the show was over.

According to E! Online, Jen told reporters, "I loved the 'Boobs' song." Jen was referring to host Seth MacFarlane's ode to movie nudity titled "We Saw Your Boobs" -- it was definitely a tune straight from the mind of "Family Guy" Peter Griffin. It's actually surprising that Jen didn't mention boobs or butts during her acceptance speech since she's spent a great deal of her Oscar campaign talking about her favorite fleshy bits of the human body. So in honor of Jennifer Lawrence's love of stuff that jiggles, here's a look back at some of her craziest comments about her favorite body parts:

Jen Disowns her Derriere

During an appearance on David Letterman's show, Jen was shown a photo of her fanny taken during a trip to Hawaii. She quipped that the butt of a 90-year-old woman had been photoshopped onto her body, and she refused to "take responsibility" for the saggy seat. At least Jen just bashed 90-year-olds for not being bootylicious enough -- her fellow Best Actress nominee Emmanuelle Riva probably wouldn't have appreciated the whippersnapper taking a dig at the derrieres of her 80-year-old age group.

Butts Turn Jen Into a 'Perverted Homer Simpson'

Back when Jen was still dating "Warm Bodies" hottie Nicholas Hoult, this is what she told Elle about their love of checking out fleshy bodies: "We can eat Cheetos and watch beach volleyball and we turn into two perverted Homer Simpsons, like, 'Oh, she's got a nice ass.' I never thought we'd have such different opinions on asses." Maybe a disagreement about derrieres ultimately led to the couple's demise.

Bradley Cooper's Humid Hindquarters

According to Wetpaint, this is why Jen thinks that her "Silver Linings Playbook" co-star Bradley Cooper shouldn't compete on "Dancing with the Stars:" "Fact about Bradley sweating, though, he sweats out of his ass first, which I always thought was so odd. Normally it's like armpits, face..." Jen also told Brad this about his Sexiest Man Alive title: "Instead of, like, next to your face 'Sexiest Man Alive' it should be 'Sexiest Man Alive: No Anal Control.'" Ew!

Jen's Hexed Hiney

According to the New York Post, Jen's posterior can also be problematic. Here's her terrifying tale about how her tush got cursed during the filming of "Catching Fire." "There was one place that was sacred rocks. We had these horrible wetsuits on, and my butt started itching . . . so I started rubbing my butt on one of the rocks. You know when [it's] like nothing can satisfy that itch? And then this huge stone starts tumbling down the hill, and they're like, 'It's her fault! It's sacred rocks!' So I might be cursed." You can't make this stuff up, folks.

Jen Stalked Uncle Jesse

Plenty of "Full House" fans fell in love with the way Uncle Jesse's tush looked in those tight, acid-wash jeans that were all the rage in '80s, and it turns out that Jen is still a fan of John Stamos' fanny. During an appearance on "Conan," here's what she said about stalking Stamos "He was at a party, and I turned into a perverted guy. I was like following him into rooms and staring at his ass. I lost my mind." Stamos eventually asked her if she was "on mushrooms" because the actress got all mush-mouthed when she tried to talk to him. It's a good thing she's not equally-enamored with costar Bradley Cooper's backside since she can't speak in the presence of a posterior that she admires.

Jen Gets Something off her Chest

Jen knows why everyone is so obsessed with her breasts -- it's because they aren't bolt-ons that stay put when she moves. Here's what she told Heatworld about her chest: "I think people are fascinated with breasts that bounce. They are so used to seeing [fake ones]. People are confused [that mine bounce]! My breasts have a life of their own." Jen also revealed that she found out that her breasts were uneven when she got a chest X-ray of her lungs, but hopefully she didn't get too upset about being a little unbalanced up-top -- her assets' asymmetry is just further evidence that she's all-natural.

So does all of Jen's talk about butts and boobs make you love her even more?

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