Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper Hoping for Golden Globes Nominations

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Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper Hoping for Golden Globes Nominations

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Silver Linings Playbook

The 70th Annual Golden Globe nominations will hit on Dec. 13, 2012, and there are a number of stars who should hear their names called for one of the best award ceremonies in Hollywood. With big name stars like Helen Mirren, Ben Affleck and Daniel Day-Lewis expecting to pick up nominations, fresh names from the movie "Silver Linings Playbook" have as good of odds as anyone to pick up nominations this year.

Jennifer Lawrence

The female lead from the movie has seen the big stage in award's season before. Jennifer Lawrence picked up her first Golden Globes nomination in 2011 thanks to her performance in the movie "Winter's Bone." The nomination helped launch one of Hollywood's hottest young careers, helping her gain roles in blockbusters like "X-Men: First Class" and "The Hunger Games." However, with "Silver Linings Playbook," Lawrence is back in awards territory.

Lawrence stars in the movie as Tiffany, a young woman who suffers from manic depression and anxiety disorder following the death of her husband. To deal with her emotional struggles, she becomes sexually promiscuous until she meets the man that helps her work out her problems.

Bradley Cooper

That man is Pat, portrayed by Bradley Cooper. While Cooper has specialized in comic and action roles over his successful career, in "Sliver Linings Playbook" he turns in arguably the best performance of his career, and one of the best of the year for any actor. With men like Anthony Hopkins and Daniel Day-Lewis portraying historical figures, Cooper created his character from scratch.

Much like Tiffany's character, Pat suffers from mental problems, in his case as an un-diagnosed bipolar. Pat's break occurred when he walked in on his wife cheating on him with a coworker and he snapped. As a result, he ended up guilty of aggravated assault and spent time in a mental asylum. When released, everyone shuns him except the one girl who finds him to be her soul mate.

Known mostly for comedies, such as "The Hangover," this was a major turn for Cooper and that fact alone might make him a front runner for his magnificent portrayal of a troubled man. His performance is just on the right side of believable and he remains a very sympathetic character. Lawrence's performance is manic, but endearing, and together they provide cinema with one of the best pairings of 2012.

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