Jennifer Aniston's New GQ Cover: How Does it Compare to Her Other GQ Covers?

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Jennifer Aniston's New GQ Cover: How Does it Compare to Her Other GQ Covers?

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Jennifer Aniston has always been stunning on her GQ covers.

Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd are gracing the cover of the upcoming March 2012 issue of GQ. The actress has a history with the magazine, having appeared on their January 2009 and December 2005 covers. How does this new cover compare with her previous covers?

In all three appearances, Aniston manages to be flirty and sexy without being raunchy. She keeps it classy.

March 2012

This is the most girly and flirty of her GQ appearances. She and Rudd are promoting their upcoming comedy movie, Wanderlust. What stands out the most are the purple and black color theme and their cute kissy faces.

Having Rudd next to her provides a little masculine edge to balance out the feminine cutesy-ness. Having the titles "Man Up" and "Eat Up" next to Rudd also help to provide that balance.

This is probably the most modest of her three covers, as she is wearing a black satin bra, instead of going completely topless.

January 2009

This is probably the most provocative of her three GQ covers. Here, she's completely nude, except for a patriotically themed-tie. This was around the time of her 40th birthday, so she was definitely making a statement with that one! She showed that women over 40 could still look hot.

The patriotic theme really brings that message home because GQ seemed to be selling Aniston as an all-American woman (light blonde highlights and all)!

December 2005

This is probably the most simple of her GQ covers. With the blue walls, blue sheets, blue denim, and topless Aniston, this is definitely one of the guys.

Still, looking at all three covers, I probably prefer her most recent one. I like the balance of maturity and girlishness, as well as the balance between Aniston and Rudd.

Which of the three GQ covers did you prefer?

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