Jennifer Aniston: Still America's Sweetheart

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Jennifer Aniston has been known as America's sweetheart since her days on the television show, "Friends," and even more so after former husband Brad Pitt ditched her for Angelina Jolie. Most see the down to earth actress as the friendly and pretty girl-next-door who was wronged by Jolie, the husband stealing, too hot for her own good, sex pot.

Aniston,with her genuine warmth exudes the image of America's sweetheart, and Patricia Clarkson, who was directed by the beautiful former Friends star in the Lifetime original movie, "Five," can attest to the kindness and authenticity of the popular actress.

Clarkson stated that working with the adored 42 year old, was a "beautiful experience," and that she found her "kind and thoughtful," as well as being very intelligent and empathetic.

This is the image I have always had of Aniston, and feel that she is someone I would want to have as a friend.

Clarkson's comments made me wonder about the multi-talented actress' many films. Which characters has she portrayed that seem to be the closest to her own personality, and which has she played that appear to be the opposite of who she really is?

Movie characters closest to Jen:

Polly Prince in "Along Came Polly." In this 2004 film, Aniston plays the character of Polly Prince in this romantic comedy. Polly is an untidy and somewhat careless, free-wheeling risk taker, but her quirks make her that much more likable, a trait I imagine Aniston to have.

Aniston played Jenny Grogan in "Marley and Me," and while in real life she may not be your average, every day girl, she exudes that kind of personality, and, of course, Aniston is well-known to be a lover of dogs. She lost her best friend, Norman, a Corgi-terrier mix, in May of this year.

Movies farthest from Jen's true character:

"The Good Girl" was one of her best films, and in it she portrayed a woman by the name of Justine Last who was sad, lonely, and sick of her job at the local retail store, sick of her husband (John C. Reilly), and is desperate to find a way to escape. In it, her character becomes an adulteress who becomes pregnant by her lover, an obsessed stalker. The film is about as far from the celebrity's real life as it gets.

In the recent film, "Horrible Bosses," Aniston plays a dentist who is bent on sexually harassing her assistant. She gets outright raunchy in the role of Dr. Julia Harris, and though it is hysterical, she said when it came down to performing a few of the especially lewd scenes, she questioned herself as to why she agreed to play the character.

Sorry, guys, I just don't see the sexy star being much like this in real life, though she obviously has the body for it. In one scene she was wearing a doctor's coat and not much else underneath.

What do you think, and which are your favorite Aniston films?

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