Jennifer Aniston Says No to 'Friends' Reunion - Why We Wish it Weren't True

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Jennifer Aniston says no to recreating her famed Rachel role.

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Jennifer Aniston says no to recreating her famed Rachel role.

Calling all "Friends" fans! It's time to stop holding out hope that the hit comedy will return for a movie reunion, because Jennifer Aniston has revealed that it's not going to happen. Aniston says that it doesn't make sense to her to turn the sitcom into a movie, and putting the show onto the big screen would be going against the authenticity of the original. Logically speaking, she's probably right. However, here are four reasons we wish "Friends" would return.

It would be like hanging out with…well…friends

When "Friends" was on TV, we had ten seasons of getting to know Rachel (Aniston), Ross (David Schwimmer), Monica (Courteney Cox), Chandler (Matthew Perry), Joey (Matt Le Blanc) and Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow). We followed them through the ups and downs of their lives, and doing so made us feel like a part of the gang. Seeing them all reunite for a movie would be like catching up with old friends, and everybody loves that!

It would fill in the gaps

When the show ended, all the loose ends were tied up, but that doesn't mean every question was answered to our satisfaction. We know that Joey moved away, because his spinoff show, imaginatively titled "Joey," told us so. We don't know how he got there, or what happened to his chick and his duck! We never got to hear what became of Gunther (James Michael Tyler), or Janice (Maggie Wheeler). These might not sound like important things, but it was the side stories and characters which made the show so brilliant!

We could enjoy the old jokes

"How you doin'?" was Joey's famous catchphrase, and it led to some hilarious jokes throughout the show's run. When "Friends" ended, the familiarity of the inside jokes was sorely missed. A movie would give us a chance to relive some of the most classic moments, and giggle over Ross' fear of spiders, and Monica's obsession with cleaning.

What became of the children?

By the end of Season 10, there were a lot of children on the show. Ross' oldest son, Ben (Cole Sprouse) would be in his teens by now, and no doubt causing plenty of mischief! Ross and Rachel's daughter, Emma, would be at school too, and Monica and Chandler's twins would be pushing Chandler's parenting skills to the limits! The triplets Phoebe gave birth to would add another interesting dimension. It would be a whole lot of fun to see how those little ones turned out!

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