Jennifer Aniston Pregnant? Why She’s Always the Target of Pregnancy Rumors

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Jennifer Aniston Pregnant? Why She’s Always the Target of Pregnancy Rumors

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Jennifer Aniston

It seems that Jennifer Aniston is "pregnant" again---at least according to tabloids. Every few months or so, these phantom baby bump stories pop up on the Internet, prompting fans to look for evidence that she's got a bun in the oven. As Aniston has yet to give birth, it's obvious that these stories are designed to titillate fans and critics. Even Jen acknowledged the obsession with a tongue-in-cheek approach in a Smartwater ad. Before the arrival of baby Blue Ivy, Beyonce was often the subject of these rumors. Why is it that Jennifer (more so than other celebs) is besieged by phantom baby bump stories? Consider these theories.

She's engaged.

Finally, after dating several Hollywood suitors, Jen found her match in Justin Theroux, her "Wanderlust" co-star. Some considered the hook-up a rebound thing. But it soon became obvious that the two had latched onto one another for the long haul. Theroux proposed to the "Friends" actress in August 2012. Since sporting a baby bump while engaged seems to be a Hollywood trend, it's only natural that Jennifer's fans expect to see her with one as well.

Brangelina's brood is huge.

Yes, we're still linking Jennifer Aniston to all things labeled "Brangelina." Perhaps for the rest of her life we'll always reference the gorgeous pair (Pitt and Jolie) whenever Jennifer does anything remotely interesting. As such, with Brad and Angie toting their six children all over the globe, we wonder when Jen will start the family she's said to desire.

She's in her 40s.

When Brad and Jen were married, the world waited with bated breath for the golden pair to procreate. But rumors swirled that "The Good Girl" star wasn't quite ready to slow down her career to have kids. Today, at 43 years old, she seems likely to join the dozens of celebs who welcome children in their 40s.

Baby Bump Mania

We can't stop talking about Jennifer's hair, her red carpet cleavage, her bikini pics, or anything related to the fresh-faced beauty's physique. We're simply dying to see what Aniston would look like with that Mommy-to-be glow. Would she peel off the pregnancy pounds like a Victoria's Secret model? Or would she join those who have relied on weight loss programs to re-sculpt their post-baby bodies? Maybe we're merely interested to see what kind of maternal skills the rom-com queen actually has. Is there any truth to these latest rumors? Only time (and perhaps several oversized blouses) will tell.

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