Jennifer Aniston and Other Actresses Over 40 Who Have Played Strippers

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Jennifer Aniston and Other Actresses Over 40 Who Have Played Strippers

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Jennifer Aniston plays a lingerie-clad stripper in "We're The Millers"

Jennifer Aniston shows off her stripper skills in the new red band trailer for her upcoming movie "We're The Millers."

In the movie, Aniston plays a stripper who takes part in a kooky drug-running scheme. Jason Sudeikis costars as a small-time pot dealer who cooks up a plan to smuggle drugs from Mexico -- he hires a fake family composed of Aniston's character, one of his young neighbors (Will Poulter), and a "gutter punk" (Emma Roberts). The faux dysfunctional family then crosses the border in an RV to pick up what turns out to be a massive amount of marijuana. Nick Offerman has a cameo as a swinging camper, and Ed Helms plays a wealthy drug dealer with an aquarium large enough for an orca.

The trailer for "We're The Millers" features Jen stripping down to her lingerie to prove to a group of gun-wielding drug dealers that she actually is a stripper, not a suburban soccer mom. She might look like a pro on the pole, but Jen told "Access Hollywood" that getting in stripper shape for the raunchy role was no piece of cake. She actually doubled the amount of yoga that she normally does, but at least she had a little support -- she got fiancé Justin Theroux to practice couple's yoga with her. How sweet is that?

Unfortunately, one area of Jen's body was tough to tone. "My butt just has a tendency to go right and left. And I'd like it to go up!" Jen complained. "It's not even going down... so it just hits the right and the left a little bit and it's like, what's that all about?!"

At 44 years old, Jennifer Aniston might be twice the age of a lot of real strippers, but she's not the only actress over 40 to play an exotic dancer. Here's a look at a few other actresses over 40 who have rocked G-strings and stripper heels for movie roles:

Salma Hayek

Salma is certainly no stranger to playing a stripper. In the 1996 movie "From Dusk Till Dawn," the lovely Latina made jaws drop as a snake-charming stripper with one of the best movie names ever. She followed up her devilish turn as Santanico Pandemonium with an appearance as a more angelic exotic dancer in the 1999 movie "Dogma," and thirteen years later, the ageless actress took to a strip club stage yet again in the 2012 French drama "Americano." With her red wig and skimpy lingerie, the 45-year-old stunner looked just as amazing as she did during her "From Dusk Till Dawn" days.

Salma might love showing off her body so much because she sees it as a miracle. During an appearance on "The Graham Norton Show," she revealed the secret behind her ultra-feminine physique: "I went to a church that had a saint that was supposed to do a lot of miracles. I put my hands in the holy water and went, 'Please Jesus, give me some boobs.'"

Marisa Tomei

At age 45, this Oscar-winning actress garnered plenty of critical acclaim for her role as a stripper who strikes up a relationship with an aging pro wrestler. To prepare for her 2008 film "The Wrestler," Marisa revealed that she hung out with strippers and even got a few lap dances. She also told Premiere that she came up with a key part of her character's skimpy costume -- Marisa loved her nipple rings. "They were clip-on," she revealed. They were stuck on with eyelash glue and then kind of pinched on. It hurt a little bit."

Kim Cattrall

Most actresses probably try to lose weight before taking on stripper roles, but at age 54, this "Sex and the City" star had to put on 20 pounds for her part in the 2010 movie "Monica Velour." Cattrall plays a retired porn star/single mom who turns to stripping to make ends meet in the dark comedy. The actress was thrilled to win the part since there are so few great roles for women in their 50s in Hollywood, and she's not ready "to play the mother of the bride just yet."

"We're The Millers" hits theaters on August 9.

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