Jennifer Aniston Makes Reservations as ‘Rachel Green’ & Other Surprising Celebrity Aliases

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Jennifer Aniston Makes Reservations as ‘Rachel Green’ & Other Surprising Celebrity Aliases

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Jennifer Aniston

Instead of making an appointment for a manicure for Jennifer Aniston, the "Horrible Bosses" actress books the beauty treatment for Rachel Green, according to a recent tabloid report.

"Jennifer says people can't believe she'd use Rachel Green as an alias, that it's too obvious," a pal of the "Friends" star told the National Enquirer. "She uses it to place food orders, and for facial or massage appointments. But even though she loves the inside joke, Jen never uses it to book hotel rooms."

Her buddy may have a point since the name Rachel Green is so associated with the sitcom character Aniston played on TV for ten seasons that her hairstyle from the show is still known as "The Rachel."

Ironically, Aniston's ex-husband Brad Pitt co-starred with her romantic replacement Angelina Jolie in a movie called "Mr. & Mrs. Smith," the alias non-creative types use when they are catting around.

With candid celebrity photos a hot commodity that can command mega-bucks for the most hard-to-get pictures, staying a step ahead of the paparazzi has become as much a required skill for stars as making small talk with Jay Leno. The privacy of their personal lives depends largely on their success in keeping their pseudonyms a secret.

None-the-less, some of the celebrities' fake names have either leaked out or been revealed by their creators over the years. Here are a few of our favorites:

Mandy Moore as Meryl Lynch

Singer Mandy Moore once told CNN she likes to check into hotels with such cutesy names as Cornish Gamehen and Meryl Lynch. The woman who voiced Rapunzel in "Tangled" may not have read the memo that aliases are supposed to be plausible if you want to protect your privacy.

Kate Beckinsale as Sigourney Beaver

Britain's Daily Telegraph reported Kate Beckinsale likes to use the name "Sigourney Beaver" when she books her hotel rooms -- a tongue-in-cheek hybrid of one of her favorite film actresses and a popular pet name for a female body part. The "Total Recall" star acknowledges, however, that her husband is not very keen on being known as "Mr. Beaver."

Marilyn Monroe as Zelda Zonk

Even stars from the past had to evade pestering photographers by making up fake names. Marilyn Monroe donned a dark wig and called herself "Zelda Zonk" when she wanted to be incognito. In the days before your airline tickets had to match your driver's license, the "Some Like it Hot" actress even booked an airplane flight using this zany name.

George Clooney as Arnold Schwarzenegger

Perhaps the kookiest alias of all is one that George Clooney used to use -- Arnold Schwarzenegger -- years before the latter's housekeeper scandal. The practical jokester was likely more interested in poking fun at fame than fooling the photographers. He told Entertainment Weekly, "(Hotel clerks) know I'm not Arnold Schwarzenegger, and I know I'm not, but they'll go, 'Uh, Mr. Schwarzenegger, um, would you like turndown service?'"

Could be Clooney, Moore and their fellow celebs are on to something. When you live your life under the media spotlight, maintaining your sense of humor may be even more important than protecting your privacy.

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