Jennifer Aniston’s Fake Pregnancy Video -- Other Stars with Fake Baby Bumps

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Jennifer Aniston’s Fake Pregnancy Video -- Other Stars with Fake Baby Bumps

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Jennifer Aniston

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Or in Jennifer Aniston's case, straight from the refrigerator.

In a recent viral video for Smartwater , Jen took the opportunity to poke a little fun of the tabloid press and their seemingly bimonthly obsession of reporting her non-existent pregnancy.

The advert, staged as a fake news program hosted by Ryan Seacrest, shows stolen home security footage of the former "Friends" star going about her daily routine. In one scene she removes a velcro tummy tightener and turns back towards the camera displaying a fully pregnant torso as she asks "how are my little triplets doing?" In another she prevents her two sons, Jimmy Kimmel and a little alien boy, from playing in her swimming pool as it's refreshed with bottled water.

Part of the blame for this tabloid obsession surely belongs with the actress herself, who carried out everybody's favorite pregnancy in the eighth season of the hit NBC sitcom. At the end of the viral vid, Aniston even takes a poke at the unending popularity of the beloved character. After she finishes her nightly routine, she removes a wig to unveil a curly mop and quietly states "good night, Rachel."

However, Aniston isn't the only celebrity to put on a fake baby bump lately.

Rachel McAdams

Earlier in the year, this "Sherlock Holmes" star was snapped by the paparazzi looking extremely pregnant . But it turned out, the 33-year-old Canadian actress was only sporting a prosthetic baby bump for her role in the upcoming Richard Curtis ("Love Actually") film "About Time." While the pregnancy rumors were far from true, "The Vow" star did say in 2009 that she was "looking forward to it someday."

Sofia Vergara

The top-earning actress on television will be strapping on a stunt bump for her role in the upcoming season "Modern Family." But when asked if she was looking forward to the fake pregnancy the hot mama laughed "not really." She admitted that the chemistry between the actors is easier "when there aren't babies on set."

Cameron Diaz

This summer kicked off with plenty of faux baby bumps for the film "What to Expect When You're Expecting." Diaz, Brooklyn Decker, Anna Kendrick, and Elizabeth Banks all sported prosthetic bulges for the flick. Even though the 40-year-old's character was quite enthusiastic about pregnancy exclaiming in the movie "if I knew I'd have a rack like this, I would've gotten knocked up years ago," Diaz was more reserved. When asked what it was like to wear the heavy prosthetics while filming in 'Hot 'Lanta,' the "Bad Teacher" star responded , "Not fresh. It was not fresh."

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