Is Jennifer Aniston’s Engagement Ring Too Big or Just Right?

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Is Jennifer Aniston’s Engagement Ring Too Big or Just Right?

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Justin Theroux with fiancé Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston's super-sized engagement ring could be the worst celebrity fashion flub since China Chow dressed up as a rainbow troll doll.

Despite its hefty price tag -- one jewelry expert estimated the radiant cut center diamond cost about half a million dollars -- the approximately eight carat stone has garnered far more ridicule than respect.

A gossip reporter for the New York Daily News feigned amazement that the diamond did not disable the actress. "By the looks of Jennifer Aniston's massive engagement ring, it's a surprise the actress is able to lift her arm up!"

Across the pond, a fashion expert who described the ring as "downright gaudy" told Britain's Daily Mail, "It looks like it belongs on the hand of a Real Housewife."


Inevitably, columnists couldn't resist tying the "Friends" star's ring into the media-fueled Jen vs. Angie feud. Referring to Aniston's unlucky-in-love reputation since her ex-husband Brad Pitt left her for his "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" co-star, a writer for the Herald Sun wrote, "She's no longer 'poor Jen.' The rock is huge; it takes up half her finger, and screams, at least in gossip mag circles, 'In your face, Angelina.'"

But in what E!Online called "Battle of the Diamond Engagement Rings," comparisons between Aniston's ring and Jolie's generally favored the latter.

"The bigger the ring the shorter the marriage and that cracker jack box looking ring ain't a diamond," commented a fan unimpressed with the size of the stone.

The cynical observer could be on to something since Kim Kardashian's jumbo engagement ring led to a brief marriage that lasted only 72 days, and Jennifer Lopez didn't even make it to the altar with Ben Affleck despite her eye-popping pink panther diamond solitaire. Even Aniston's first marriage to Brad Pitt, which also came with a mega-sized engagement ring, fizzled after five years. That may be a lifetime by Hollywood standards, but fell short of the national average.

Meanwhile, People magazine fanned the flame wars by instructing readers to weigh in on the ginormous ring using the Twitter hashtag #itstoobig or #hatersgonnahate. A tweeter named Miss Beth did not mince words when she wrote, "Personally, I think it's kind of hideous,& a bit over the top. Considering our economy, it's disgusting."

But not everyone was hating on Jen's engagement ring. A blogger for the Huffington Post practically salivated over its size. "Now that we've seen the actual engagement ring in it's (sic) full glory, we have to say we're impressed," she wrote. "Who knew Justin had such luxurious tastes?"

For some women, size still matters -- even when it comes to engagement rings.

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