Jennie Garth Hurt By Ex's New Romance - Why Her Honest is Smart

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Jennie Garth Hurt By Ex's New Romance - Why Her Honest is Smart

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Jennie Garth

Jennie Garth recently admitted that she's still not entirely comfortable with her ex-husband Peter Facinelli moving on with someone else. When asked about her ex's new girlfriend Jaimie Alexander, she thoughtfully added, "I am happy that he is happy," after admitting that seeing them together still stings. This isn't the first time she's confessed her divorce regrets, but there are a few good reasons why taking the high road serves her well.

Things are easier on the kids

What kid wants to read about their parents' nasty custodial fights and dirty details about new partners? Unlike couples like Eddie Cibrian and Brandi Glanville whose names sprinkle gossip sites daily, Jennie presents no acrimony in the press. Their daughters Lola, Luca and Fiona are certainly of the age where latching on to Internet gossip is incredibly easy. Neither Jennie nor Peter has offered any bitter crumbs for the media to prey upon. In addition to adjusting to the divorce, the girls probably appreciate not reading ugly things about their mom and dad.

The high road is good for her public image

Garth's red carpet appearances have become increasingly more glamorous since splitting from Facinelli. The mother of three arrived at GQ's Men of the Year party at Chateau Marmont in November and sizzled in a zippered red dress that showcased her 30-pound weight loss. At 102.7 FM's Jingle Ball in Los Angeles she rocked black leather, faux fur and some impressive cleavage. An even more refreshed-looking Garth was on hand at eBay's pop-up shop debut in New York City. Her invigorated public appearances seem to go hand in hand with her gradual adjustment to life without Peter.

Automatic damage control

If she's snapped barefoot in a fur coat, it's because she's mourning the loss of her marriage. If she's dancing on banquettes and getting cited for indecent exposure, it's because she's attempting to bury her heartache. By admitting her pain, the "Beverly Hills, 90210" star automatically excuses away anything in the press that might seem odd. Fortunately, Garth hasn't been the subject of any sordid tabloid headlines; her humility makes it harder for mudslingers to dig for dirt. Jennie may have mixed feelings about Peter and his new love, but she avoids having to make public apologies by keeping any snide comments under wraps in the first place. Hollywood divorces have a way of spiraling rapidly out of control. Jennie's honest and civil approach is perhaps the smartest we've seen in a while.

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