Jenna Fischer and Other TV Stars Whose Pregnancies Will Affect Their Shows

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Jenna Fischer's pregnancy written into script.

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Jenna Fischer's pregnancy written into script.

When a TV star gets pregnant, writers are often faced with a tough decision on how to handle the happy news, and there are a few lovely ladies that have left them scrambling for baby bump-accommodating storylines lately.

Jenna Fischer recently confirmed that her real-life pregnancy will be written into the next season of "The Office," so the show is going to have to add yet another new character in the near future (although the actor cast as her baby-to-be won't have to be kooky and creepy like her new costar James Spader). Jenna and her hubby, screenwriter Lee Kirk, announced that they were expecting their first child in May, and their new addition just might have been the result of Jenna's motherly instincts kicking in after spending time around the adorable twins that play Pam and Jim's daughter Cece on the show. Pam and Jim had sex in the office on Valentine's Day last season, so their second child is going to be the result of that romantic tryst.

It's nice that Jenna's pregnancy so perfectly fits in with the events of last season, and she isn't the only actress who won't have to hide her bump during filming -- "Bones" star Emily Deschanel's pregnancy has also been written into her show. Deschanel and her writer-producer hubby David Hornsby announced that they were expecting their first child back in March, leaving plenty of fans wondering how Emily's bump would affect the next season of the show. The six episodes of the series set to start airing on November 3 will focus on her character Brennan and David Boreanaz's character Booth preparing to raise a child together, but it's not going to be all about morning sickness and nursery decorating -- the show will also be introducing a new tech-savvy serial killer for the couple to deal with. So is the show shooting itself in the foot by having this couple raise a kid together? It's very possible that a baby will change the dynamics of Bones' and Booth's relationship in a way that viewers won't respond well to, so it will be interesting to see if Bones' own baby ends up killing "Bones."

But while fans of the two above-referenced shows know what affect pregnancies will have on their plots, how January Jones' pregnancy will play into the storyline of "Mad Men" is just as much of a mystery as the identity of the father of her child. January announced her pregnancy back in April, but still has not identified who her baby daddy is. Likewise, "Mad Men" producer Matt Weiner is still refusing to talk about what he plans to do about her baby bump for the show (he says he already knows, but won't reveal anything just yet). Will fashion icon Betty Draper only be shot from the neck up? Or will she suddenly be pregnant with someone's baby next season? It may have made things harder on Weiner and the writers, but he's got to love all the free publicity January's baby mystery is getting for the show.

There have also been a few celebrities that gave birth this year without managing to mess with their show's writing too much. "The Game" star Tia Mowry said she simply wore flowy clothes while filming the last few episodes of the last season of her show. She gave birth to a baby boy named Cree just last month, and her pregnancy will be part of the focus of her Style channel reality show with her twin sister, "Tia & Tamera." The series hits the small screen in August.

Tina Fey and Jane Krakowski's "30 Rock" characters both went through faux pregnancies on the show -- Liz pretended to be pregnant while Jenna suffered a hysterical pregnancy (hysterical meaning "false," not "funny"), but neither of the actresses' characters will be welcoming babies anytime soon. Creative cameramen shot around Krakowski's pregnancy after it was announced in January, while Tina's bump was hardly starting to show when production ended for last season. She announced her pregnancy in April, and because of her baby's arrival, the next season of "30 Rock" won't air until January. Jane gave birth to baby boy Bennett in April, while Tina is expecting her bundle of joy to arrive in August.

So while these celebrities have busy careers, they don't let a silly thing like a hit TV show stop them from getting knocked up (at least it makes the writers' jobs exciting when they have to work in bumps and babies).

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