Jenna Dewan Joins 'American Horror Story' Cast: Other New Additions for Season Two

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Jenna Dewan is the latest star to join the cast of "American Horror Story." The 31-year-old bride of actor Channing Tatum will play one of the main characters in the second season. She joins fellow newcomer Adam Levine as a couple known simply as "The Lovers." Based on the wildly successful first season of the show, we can all assume that Jenna will have a lot of fun playing this new character. In addition to bringing back cast members like Jessica Lange and Zachary Quinto in new roles, there are several new actors joining the mix. Here are some other stars that are joining Jenna and Adam as newcomers in the second season of "American Horror Story."

James Cromwell

The veteran character actor officially joined the cast in May, giving the show another big name to draw fans. He will play a character known as Dr. Arden, which figures to be a big role seeing that the second season takes place at an insane asylum. According to reports, the 72-year-old actor will butt heads with Lange's new character during the season. With his Oscar-nominated talent, he should be a great addition to the cast.

Chloe Sevigny

Chloe, whose TV experience on the HBO hit "Big Love" earned her a Golden Globe, signed on to play Shelly in the second season of "American Horror Story." The character is a nymphomaniac that is committed to the asylum by her husband, and the character was written with her in mind. For her part, the one-time Oscar nominee has no issues in taking on another risky role. Says the 37-year-old actress, "It's a great show - what am I going to say, I'm not going to do it because it's another sexually provocative thing?"

Clea DuVall

Like Jenna, the 34-year-old brunette beauty is a recent addition to the cast. The "Heroes" actress signed on for a role earlier in July, but there is little known about the character so far. According to reports, Clea's storyline will run for several episodes and involve scenes with "American Horror Story" vet Sarah Paulson. Fortunately for her, Clea has plenty of experience when it comes to appearing in horror movies. Among her many credits are parts in hits like "The Grudge" and "The Faculty," so she should have no problem feeling comfortable with this subject matter.

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