Jenna Dewan On Her 'Years' With Channing

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Jenna Dewan On Her 'Years' With Channing

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Jenna Dewan On Her 'Years' With Channing

I have a suggestion for anyone who dislikes Jenna Dewan-Tatum because of that last name: meet her. Because once you do, any jealousy will melt away upon the realization that she is one of the sweetest, nicest most charming actors I've ever interviewed. For the record, Jenna would also like to know what she did so right in a past life.

The good choices have continued recently as she not only signed on for season two of American Horror Story (where she plays one half of a couple referred to as "The Lovers"), but co-stars with her hot hubby in the delightful 10 Years.

Revolving around a high school reunion (the coolest high school for what it's worth given the fact Tatum, Dewan, Chris Pratt, Justin Long, Ari Graynor, Rosario Dawson, Aubrey Plaza, Brian Geraghty and Scott Porter are the returning alumnus), 10 Years calls to mind The Big Chill, Can't Hardly Wait and countless other reunion staples you've undoubtedly seen a million times. Turns out, that's exactly what they were going for. I really loved 10 Years. It reminded me of all the movies I watched as a kid while thinking, "I'll never be that old." And now I am.
Jenna Dewan: Oh my god! I know. I remember thinking when I was younger that nothing happened after 25. I dreamt of my life up until I was 25 and then ... nothing [laughs]. You just think about college, and nothing after that.

EXCLUSIVE CLIP - Jenna's 10 Year Shocker The chemistry between all the high school friends is amazing. Is that a result of knowing each other before?
Jenna: Partly. some of us were already friends. But we were all staying at the same hotel where we filmed. We basically took over, I don't think anyone else stayed there the whole 2 months we were filming. So it was literally us waking up, going downstairs, putting on our wardrobe and sitting in the lobby just talking. That was one of the best things we could have done because on most movies, you do your scenes and go back to your trailer. But we would continue to hang out after filming wrapped. The movie does have a very natural feel to it.
Jenna: That's what we wanted to do. Something like The Big Chill. Jamie [Linden] wrote a really great script, but he gave us a lot of freedom as actors to improv and go off our natural chemistry. Also, we did our own hair and makeup because everyone wanted it to look like real people going to their high school reunion. We didn't want it to look like perfectly done up actors making a movie, we wanted it to look like real people going to their high school reunion. How did working with Channing here compare to working with him in Step Up?
Jenna: It was funny – in Step Up, we were just getting to know each other and there was that thing of "Oh, who is this person?" Five years later, we're married, but we still have that excitement around each other. It was easy and fun and joyful and I realized how rare it is, so I'm grateful my husband and I got to work together.

PHOTOS - Channing's Dirty Dancing In Step Up, you and your characters are falling in love. In 10 Years, you and your characters are in a committed relationship. Should we expect movies every six years echoing where you are romantically?
Jenna: [laughs] I know! We definitely want to do more movies together, it's just about the right script. Chan and I really want to do a musical. We really want to dance together again. We hadn't danced together publicly since Step Up, but in March, we did a performance at Carnegie Hall for The Rainforest Fund and it was so much fun. We both decided to figure out a way to do that in a movie, some how, some way. Maybe Magic Mike 2 is about his character opening a female stripclub?
Jenna: Yes! Right? I need to pull some strings. I can be a stripper in Magic Mike 2! That would be hilarious. Have the fans approaching you wanting to talk about how jealous they are of your relationship increased since that movie came out?
Jenna: Oh yea! Obviously I think he's such a hottie, so I get why the world does. As cliche as it sounds, I am so proud of him. He deserves every bit of success that he gets – Chan is such a grounded, sensitive, well-rounded person. He doesn't just want to make money or be famous, he's in this to create art and he's so artistic, which is why he's such a great producer.

PHOTOS - Gawking at the Magic Boys Who do you get that more from: the girls or the gays?
Jenna: Lately, the gays have been bringing it to me big time. Lots of, "Gurl, you are lucky! You have the hottest man!" I love my gays, so I appreciate it big time. And now you're going from having Channing for a love interest in 10 Years to having Adam Levine as a love interest in American Horror Story: Asylum. Not too shabby.
Jenna: I know! It's kind of insane. I've got a lot of people asking me what I did right in a past life to go home to Channing and work with Adam Levine! I'd like to know too [laughs].

VIDEO - AHS Unveils Its New Cast What can you say about AHS: Asylum?
Not much, but it's crazy. We get ourselves in some wild situations. Adam and I do some heavy, heavy scenes and he nailed it. He's such a great actor. And let me tell you, I loved the first season, but this season is going to be so much scarier. It's so frightening I may have to throw viewing parties just so I don't have to watch it alone.

10 Years is now playing.

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