Jenna Bush Hager Pregnant with First Child - Why She'll Be a Great Mom

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Jenna Bush Hager Pregnant with First Child - Why She'll Be a Great Mom

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Jenna Bush Hager is expecting a baby and her family is very excited!

Jenna Bush Hager is pregnant with her first child, as she announced this morning on "Today."

This news is especially thrilling for her parents, George W. and Laura Bush (who phoned into this morning's televised segment). They've had grandbaby fever for awhile, even hiring someone to play Sinatra outside Jenna and her husband, Henry's room for a year.

Here's a look at why we think Jenna will make a great mom.

1. Jenna is passionate about teaching and education.

Even before joining "Today" as an education correspondent, Jenna has worked extensively as a teacher, writer, and advocate of issues such as urban education and literacy. Her work as a teacher in charter schools, as well as her work with UNICEF and the United Nations Children's Fund, has given her hands-on experience with kids and the issues surrounding their education.

2. Jenna has an outgoing bubbly personality.

As we've seen on her "Today" segments, Jenna is a people person. She's bubbly and engaging, someone who would be able to talk to her kids on a friendly and accessible level.

3. The baby will have loving grandparents.

We're not sure if Dubya will actually follow through on his promise to change diapers. As he joked, "I'll be the guy in the Ford 250 driving around the ranch." Still, we know that George and Laura will be loving and devoted grandparents. We could hear the excitement in their voices when they talked about how they were going to spoil the grandbaby.

4. Dubya is willing to go by silly nicknames like "Pancho" or "Happy."

What's with the Bush family and silly nicknames? Jenna calls her grandparents (George H.W. and Barbara Bush) "Gampy and Gammy," and she calls her dad "Popsicle."

During the segment, Jenna talked about what the baby would call George and Laura. We know that Dubya is really going to love those grandkids. After all, he's willing to let them address him as "Pancho" or "Happy."

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