Jeff Goldblum Turns the Big 6-0, Plus a Look at His Most Memorable Roles!

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Jeff Goldblum Turns the Big 6-0, Plus a Look at His Most Memorable Roles!

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Actor Jeff Goldblum is 60 years old today.

Actor Jeff Goldblum is celebrating his 60th birthday today. Over the years, Jeff has made himself a household name with the variety of quirky roles he's played. With or without his trademark eyeglasses, Goldblum's sensibilities as an actor make him quite versatile, allowing him to play very serious roles or very comedic roles with the same level of skill.

His first official acting credit is for the classic Charles Bronson action film "Death Wish." Don't blink or you'll probably miss him as "Freak #1." It wasn't long until Jeff was landing larger roles, securing his place as a well respected actor. Though he's been married twice, to actresses Patricia Gaul and Geena Davis, he has no children. We thought in honor of his big day we'd take a look a few of the roles he's known best for.

Seth Brundle in "The Fly" (1986) - In this remake of a cult-classic black and white horror film, Goldblum and Davis star as a scientist and his girlfriend. Things take a turn for the terrifying when an experiment goes wrong and Brundle is transformed slowly into a fly over the course of the movie. Directed by David Cronenberg, the makeup that morphed Goldblum into the fly was so good it won an Oscar the following year.

David Levinson in "Independence Day" (1996) - Over his career, Goldblum's personality and look have made him the perfect fit for parts as doctors and professors. In this blockbuster summer sci-fi hit, Goldblum played the sarcastic Dr. Levinson. He was often the comic-relief but also was important in delivering the dialogue that created any sense of scientific reality for the film. He and Will Smith's scenes together were among the best in the entire movie.

Dr. Ian Malcom in "Jurassic Park" (1993) - Just as in "Independence Day," Goldblum was the essential comic relief for this Steve Spielberg-directed mega hit. When you need someone to break the tension of a scene with a sardonic smile and a witty observation, Goldblum is your guy. All throughout the film about cloned dinosaurs wreaking havoc on a remote island, Jeff delivered some of the funniest and most memorable lines in a film that was mostly about scaring the pants off the audience.

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