Jayma Mays, Mike O'Malley Snubbed During the 2011 Emmy Nominations

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Jayma Mays snubbed for Emmys.

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Jayma Mays snubbed for Emmys.

Reading the list of nominees for the 63 rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards can cause conflicting emotions. Although the list contains many well-deserved nominations, some great performances were overlooked this year.

Getting gleeful about the "Glee" nominations

Facing 'graduation' from "Glee" next season, Chris Colfer landed a well-deserved nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. Even though "Glee" falls into the comedy category, Colfer's Kurt Hummel character faced some serious crossroads in his life, especially dealing with the violent threats of a homophobic classmate.

Colfer works well with Mike O'Malley, the character actor who plays his father Burt Hummel. Critics were surprised at the sensitivity and depth that O'Malley brought to the character, but he was passed over this year for an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series. That seems a little short-sighted to me, given the support he gives to Colfer.

The female guest stars of "Glee" fared a lot better and it was hard to not to be gleeful after seeing Dot-Marie Jones name on the list. Jones' character, Coach Shannon Beiste, could have been a one-dimensional role, but Jones fits in well with the cast. Her relationship with New Directions coach Will Schuester has evolved from mere co-workers to being truly great friends. Shannon looks after Will at times like a big sister.

In addition to the Mike O'Malley oversight, Jayma Mays was overlooked for her "Glee" contributions this year. Mays' character, guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury, has gone on an incredible journey, including a new relationship that helped her break out of her shell and a failed marriage.

An awesome year for "Chuck," but no nominations

NBC's "Chuck" is a show that has a tremendous fan base thanks to some great writing and performances. Adam Baldwin was overlooked again this year for his multi-layered performance as Colonel John Casey, a no-nonsense NSA officer who actually has a soft spot buried under all that muscle.

Baldwin gets some of the best lines on the show, most often delivered under his breath or punctuated with a growl. Baldwin works well with Joshua Gomez, his co-star who also was passed over this year. Baldwin and Gomez have become the odd couple on the show, even sharing an apartment together. When Morgan Grimes, Gomez's character, starts dating Casey's daughter, Baldwin is hilarious as he struggles with his respect for Morgan and his desire to strangle him.

Dropping the ball with "Drop Dead Diva"

Now in her third season as the star of "Drop Dead Diva," Brooke Elliott deserves an Emmy, but she didn't even get a nomination this year. Elliott's character, attorney Jane Bingum, actually died from a gunshot wound in the pilot, but her body was inhabited by the spirit of a deceased, would-be model. Elliott turns in an award-worthy performance as a woman who has to handle a new job and a new body at the same time.

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