Jay-Z Boasts About Blue Ivy on New Track -- Other Singers that Brag About Their Kids

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She might be little more than six-months old, but Blue Ivy Carter's 'baller' lifestyle is already rap fodder.

In January, rap mogul Jay-Z released the track "Glory feat. B.I.C." to celebrate the birth of his daughter. Now the Hov' is back, boasting about the lavish life the proud papa can afford for his kid in a guest verse on the new Rick Ross cut "3 Kings" -- which also features fellow elder statesmen and rap magnate, Dr. Dre.

From the "millions" on his walls in artwork by famous painters like Banksy and Basquiat right down to his baby daughter's socks, the part-owner of the Brooklyn Nets lets all of his critics know they "couldn't f--- with my daughter's room."

But the rapper who can park at his "own arena" and renegotiate his $150 million contract with Live Nation by "holding out for 3, 275 and I just might agree," isn't the first rapper to brag about his kids.


The Grammy Award-winning rapper and SAG Award-winning actor couldn't be prouder of his 10-year-old daughter Karma. Crediting her with making a profound change to his life , saying "fatherhood changed my whole perspective on life -- I went from being selfish to selfless overnight... When I look my daughter, all I can do is smile with the joy and pride that I had a small hand in creating such a beautiful being." Now the hip-hop mogul charges his offspring with spreading positive learning to the lives of others. In December, he launched Karma's World -- an educational website for children -- and he made Lil' Luda head of creative and CEO of the brand. The "Fast Five" star is regularly seen tweeting and organizing promotions to help spread the word about his daughter's ventures.


New York rap legend Nas hasn't always had a perfect relationship with his 17-year-old daughter Destiny. The "Life Is Good" artist admitted earlier this year that his parenting skills have not always been up to snuff . "I did my best but it wasn't good enough for me," the 38-year-old told CNN's Soledad O'Brien. Years after Nas penned the 2004 ode to his daughter "Me & You" the two developed a more tumultuous relationship. However, the two have since reconciled their differences. Destiny even made a cameo in the video for "Daughters" -- a brutally honest autobiographical song about his struggles as a father.

Ice Cube

Former N.W.A.-member Ice Cube was initially hesitant about his two sons, known as OMG and Doughboy, getting into the rap game. "I never wanted to push my kids into something they didn't want to do," the "Barbershop" star admitted . "When I started seeing them go to the studio and produce they own music and just be b-boys, I started to take interest in what they was doing."

However, once the young upstarts had put in the effort to cultivate their skills and talents, the proud papa quickly became their biggest fan. "It was just cool to see them evolve to the point that I thought they were pros and they deserve to be on the record," said the "Friday" actor after he featured his progeny on the 2010 album "I Am the West."

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