Javier Bardem Unrecognizable in New Role: Other Unrecognizable Stars This Year

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Javier Bardem Unrecognizable in New Role: Other Unrecognizable Stars This Year

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Javier Bardem is almost unrecognizable in his latest role.

If you're planning to see the new Bond film "Skyfall," you might have a hard time recognizing the villain. With long blonde hair and pale makeup, Oscar winner Javier Bardem looks like anyone but himself. In fact, his new hairstyle is going to give his famous "No Country for Old Men" look a run for its money. Regardless of how successful the movie is, Javier's look is going to be a hot topic among moviegoers. However, he's not the only actor to undergo a major transformation for a role in 2012. Here are a few other stars that you might have a hard time recognizing when seeing them in character.

Daniel Day-Lewis in "Lincoln"

The two-time Oscar winner is no stranger to undergoing transformations for roles. Daniel is arguably the most respected actor in the business, so it should be no surprise that he could pull off the look of one of the most iconic Presidents in American history. Daniel manages to ditch his normal look in exchange for one that is a dead ringer for those historical pictures of Honest Abe that we remember from school. In all likelihood, he will be rewarded with another Oscar nomination next year.

Tom Hardy in "The Dark Knight Rises"

As the evil villain Bane, Tom's full face is only visible in one brief shot. Beyond that, he can only be seen in a menacing mask and militaristic clothing. In addition, the actor bulked up his muscle mass and speaks in a truly unique voice. He is so far away from his normal "Inception" look that we simply have to take his word that he's really behind the mask. Despite the unrecognizable look, the actor nailed his performance in the summer hit.

Amanda Seyfried in "Lovelace"

We are used to seeing the blonde-haired star play charming characters, so it's almost fitting that she changed her look to play a famous porn star. With dark hair and heavy makeup, the "Dear John" star looks like a completely different person. The 26-year-old actress is one of the true rising stars in Hollywood, and this role could catapult her to a whole new level. It's fair to expect that her efforts will be rewarded with a little love come Oscar season.

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