Jason Segel Splits from Michelle Williams - 5 Women He Should Date Next

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Jason Segel Splits from Michelle Williams - 5 Women He Should Date Next

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Oh no! The cutest couple in Hollywood broke up. Yes dear fans, Jason Segel and Michelle Williams are no longer together after dating for close to a year. It's rumored the two ended things because the long distance (he was in L.A., she was in NYC) was just too much to handle. We can't blame them and it appears they ended things amicably with no hurt feelings.

Now that Michelle's out of his life romantically we can wager on who he might date next. Here are a few possibilities:

1. Jennifer Lawrence

Does anyone else think these two would be a match made in Heaven? The Oscar-winning actress is beautiful, hilarious and down to earth. Who else can ask, "does a bear sh*t in the woods?" while on the red carpet at the Oscars while wearing couture, STILL look amazing and not come off as offensive? The "Silver Linings Playbook" star would be a perfect match for Jason as they both have a similar sense of humor.

2. Rachel McAdams

Rachel just called it quits with actor Michael Sheen this week. Is there something in the air? Now that "The Notebook" star is nursing her broken heart, maybe she and Jason can trade Hollywood horror dating stories and clink a few glasses together.

3. Kate Mara

"House of Cards" has heated up the small screen after debuting on Netflix. Kate stars as the villainous journalist Zoe Barnes, but in interviews she seems to be quite a down-to-earth and goofy girl, just what Jason needs. Kate isn't as famous as the "Five Year Engagement" star, but that seems to be the kind of thing he digs.

4. Mila Kunis

Are Mila and Ashton Kutcher dating? Are they not dating? The two are often spotted together, but Mila sure got touchy when asked about Ashton during a recent interview where she said her anger was at "500" on an anger scale of 1-10 when asked about her beau. Either way, is it really going to last with Ashton? Mila is such a goofy, talented girl she needs someone more on her level. Someone more like Jason.

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