Jason Segel Dating Michelle Williams? 3 Reasons He'll Get Along with Daughter Matilda

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Our "Cute-Meters" are running off the charts! Actor Jason Segel and actress Michelle Williams are reportedly going public with a romantic relationship. According to Us Weekly, the pair have been long time friends thanks to their mutual connection to actress Busy Phillips. A source close to the couple told Us, "They are smitten and very serious."

Williams and Segel definitely have a chance of making it work, seeing that both manage to somehow keep the majority of their personal lives out of the tabloids and gossip columns. Both are big A-list, Academy Award nominees but both also have a very down-to-Earth and humble reputation, which makes it easier to root for them to go the distance. Last week, Segel was even spotted hanging out with Matilda, Williams' six-year-old daughter with the late Heath Ledger. This got us to thinking. If Jason and Michelle wind up walking down the aisle together, that would make Segel a very important person in little Matilda's life, and we're pretty sure it's a perfect match, for these three reasons.

He Can Call In The Muppets For Backup - How many potential step-dads have Kermit the Frog on speed dial? After the commercial and critical smash hit success of "The Muppets," a love letter to the fleece-covered puppets co-written by Segel, we're pretty sure Kermit and Fozzie would have no problem entertaining Matilda as a favor to Jason. As we all know, no 6-year-old can resist The Muppets, so we'd say Segel's got that one in the bag.

He's Incredibly Funny - Jason is quickly becoming one of Hollywood's go-to guys for comedy. He's consistently made audiences laugh in his films, and perhaps no tool is more important in dealing with small kids than a sense of humor. Segel certainly has one and isn't afraid to use it. We're sure when the situation arises, he's got more than a couple knock-knock jokes up his sleeves. Kids still love those right?

He Sort of Seems Like a Big Kid Himself - One of Segel's appeals is that he has a young spirit, and it comes out in his work. It's why "The Muppets" worked so well. He didn't seem like a big time actor working with puppets, he bought into the universe of Jim Henson's creatures. This ability to let his imagination take him away to a different place could be crucial to getting along with Matilda.

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