Jason Biggs' Drunk Haircut

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Jason Biggs' Drunk Haircut

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Jason Biggs' Drunk Haircut

Sure, getting drunk and passing out in front of your friends is something you should do at your own risk (unless you like waking up with some interesting things on your face), but it looks like Jason Biggs isn't safe even around his own wife.

Jason's wife Jenny Mollen first tweeted out a photo of what seems to be an intoxicated Jason getting dragged along the floor with the caption, "I think my husband might be dead. Weekend at Bernie’s party at my place tomorrow!!:)," before deciding that it would be a perfect time for him to get a haircut courtesy of her and her friends.

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And clearly she wasn't joking, as evidenced by the huge chunk of hair from her husband's head she holds in her hand.

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Between this and the cringe-worthy Time magazine parody, these two have quite the interesting relationship, no?

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