Jared Leto Has Never Seen 'Dallas Buyers Club More Stars Who Skip Their Own Flicks

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Jared Leto Has Never Seen 'Dallas Buyers Club More Stars Who Skip Their Own Flicks

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It's already earned him a Golden Globe, a Screen Actors Guild Award and an Oscar nod, but don't ask Jared Leto too many questions about his movie "Dallas Buyers Club." The 42-year-old actor recently told People he hasn't seen the critically acclaimed drama.

"I haven't seen the film," Leto said. "I thought it was better to get some perspective first and let the film marinate. I'll watch it one day."

Of his role as transgender AIDS patient Rayon, Leto told reporters, "It's wonderful to be part of a story that celebrates an important part of our history here in America and shines the light on the challenges that go with HIV/AIDS."

So, doesn't he want to see what all the buzz is about? While Leto lets his movie marinate, check out these other celebs who skipped their own flicks.

Johnny Depp is notorious for not watching the movies that he's in. In an interview with late night host David Letterman, the actor said he hadn't seen his movie "Public Enemies." And it sounds like that's not the first flick he skipped.

"In a way, once my job is done on a film, it's really none of my business," Depp said in 2009. "I stay as far away as I possibly can. If I can I try to stay in as profound a state of ignorance as possible. I don't like watching myself."

But his movies aren't off limits for his kids. Depp once told a BBC radio interviewer, "My children have seen more films of mine than I have. They've seen all of them within reason, many more than I have. I have no plans to see them -- any of them."

Ditto for Angelina Jolie. The actress has been known to avoid some of her own movies, although she does watch her baby daddy on the big screen. During a 2009 appearance on "Good Morning America," Jolie revealed, "Most films I've seen once but there's a film or two I haven't seen. I like the process of doing them more than watching them. I don't really like to watch movies. I love to watch Brad's movies."

That same year, the actress told MTV, "I never like to watch myself, ever. I still haven't seen 'Wanted.' I heard it was fun, but I haven't seen it. "

Perhaps she passes on her performances due to time constraints. After saying her priorities are, "Kids first, woman to Brad," and then her international charity work, the 38-year-old beauty made it clear that her film career comes in fourth place.

Even movie legend Robert Redford once told Access Hollywood, "I have never enjoyed [watching myself onscreen." But it's another Robert who has serious issues with stomaching his big screen self. In 2009, "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson told MTV that he had a full on panic attack at one of his movie premieres.

"I had never watched anything of myself since 'Harry Potter,'" the actor said. "But I went to it because my whole family was coming to see it. Nothing comes other than this pure discomfort. I can't watch myself. I am just feeling everybody else's reaction. I can't handle that at all."

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