Jared Leto Gets a Human Ear: The Strangest Gifts Fans Have Given Celebs

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Jared Leto Gets a Human Ear: The Strangest Gifts Fans Have Given Celebs

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Jared Leto received a real ear from a fan

A fan decided to lend Jared Leto an ear -- literally! The 30 Seconds to Mars singer told XFM that one of the strangest fan gifts he has ever received was an actual human ear.

According to ET Online, here's what he said about the creepy present: "Someone cut their ear off once and sent it to me, that was very strange. A whole ear. The Van Gogh move. The note just said, 'Are you listening?' I never knew who it was, who's missing their ear out there." It's hard to decide which scenario is more disturbing -- a fan cutting off their own ear or a fan sending him someone else's ear.

Jared isn't the only celebrity who has received a crazy token of love from an admirer. Here's a look at some other stars whose fans have lavished them with strange gifts:

Daniel Radcliffe

This "Harry Potter" star has also received an ear from a fan, but it was just a giant prop ear used by a popular Japanese comedian. He's also gotten Freddy Krueger masks and scrapbooks full of photos of himself, but he told the Mirror this about his creepiest gift: "I also got sent a photograph of a milk bottle and a door. It was my house! There were two people in front of it. There was only a door between us." There's a fine line between being a fan and being a stalker.


Ke$ha has also received body parts from her fans, but she actually requested them. She asked her fans to send her their teeth, and they definitely delivered -- she received over 1,000 human teeth that she used to create a bra, jewelry, and a headdress. It's a good thing she didn't ask her fans for their ears.

Norman Reedus

This fan favorite on "The Walking Dead" plays a character that once made a necklace out of zombie ears, but unfortunately for his admirers, they can't send him zombie trophies since there's no zombie apocalypse going on (yet). So instead they're trying to keep his character Daryl alive by sending him squirrel meat. Norman has also received one gift that's sort of a body part -- he now uses one fan's old breast implant to cradle his phone.

Avril Lavigne

Norman and Avril could put their gamy gifts together to create a critter stew -- the creepiest gift this "Gossip Girl" star has ever received is a dead rabbit.

Taylor Swift

An animal also had to die for this singer's strangest work of fan art -- she once received a turtle shell with her portrait on it.

One Direction

A lot of creepy Haylor art probably got tossed out when Taylor Swift and Harry Styles broke up, but Harry's craziest fan gift has nothing to do with Swift. He says that a fan once pushed a sanitary napkin with his name on it under his door (shouldn't she have included her telephone number?). But his 1D band mate Louis Tomlinson has him beat -- he once got a live hermit crab from an admirer.

The Jonas Brothers

Boy band fans are definitely an odd bunch, because the Jo Bros' craziest fan gift was also an animal. However, the baby shark they received was dead and preserved in a tube.

Dolly Parton

But it's hard to top this country star's crazy fan gift -- a newborn baby was once left on her doorstep along with a note saying that the child's name was Jolene. Unfortunately, the baby didn't get to stay with Dolly -- she immediately called Human Services.

So which of these fan gifts do you think is the strangest?

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