Jamie Lynn Spears Engaged to Jamie Watson: Other Celeb Couples with Same First Names

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Jamie Lynn Spears Engaged to Jamie Watson: Other Celeb Couples with Same First Names

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Jamie Lynn Spears is engaged to another Jamie!

Jamie Lynn Spears just got engaged to her businessman boyfriend of three years, and a lot of people are probably noticing the couple's odd moniker situation -- they have the same name!

Britney Spears' 21-year-old sister will be walking down the aisle with a 30-year-old Jamie Watson, so if she takes her fiancé's last name, she'll also be Jamie Watson. But surely everyone who knows the pair throws the "Lynn" in there to avoid confusion during conversations with the couple.

Hopefully Jamie Lynn Spears and Jamie Watson's relationship will last since most celebrity couples with the same first name seem to have a hard time staying together. Here's a look at a couple of moniker-sharing pairs that have called it quits:

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner

The two Taylors became an item after meeting on the set of the romantic movie "Valentine's Day." Swifty was allegedly into the idea of dating Lautner because "she thought the buzz about the two Taylors dating was cute." However, cuteness will only take couples so far, and Taylor squared called in quits in December 2009 after a few short months together. The couple did remain friends, and Lautner got to join a very exclusive club -- he's one of the few exes T-Swift actually wrote a flattering song about. It doesn't look like Harry Styles will be so lucky.

Paris Hilton and Paris Latsis

This pair of Parises got engaged in May 2005, and it's not hard to see what Ms. Hilton saw in her suitor -- the Greek heir purchased his princess a 24-carat engagement ring worth $4.7 million. Surprisingly, money couldn't buy Hilton's love for long, and the couple broke things off four months later. But Latsis probably dodged a bullet there since Hilton's idea of love is turning her boyfriend's bleeding leg into a photo op.

Other Strange Name Situations

Not many stars want to share their first names with their significant others, but there are some other celebrity couples who've had to deal with similar strange situations involving the same names.

Before Kimye happened, Kris Jenner was a little creeped out by Kim Kardashian getting engaged to Kris Humphries. Here's what she told "Access Hollywood:" "I don't think it's a good thing if your fiancé's name is the same as your mother. What if you're in bed and you start yelling out your husband's name in the middle of sex? It's weird. It's just a little creepy." Momagers are always right, so now Kim has found a new man with a "K" moniker that won't make her mother uncomfortable.

David Hasselhoff's name situation is similarly icky. The former "Baywatch" star has a 20-year-old daughter named Hayley, and he's currently dating a model named Hayley Roberts who's young enough to be his daughter. The Hoff says that being almost three decades older than his girlfriend doesn't bother him, but maybe the age difference and the name of David's daughter does get to Roberts -- David keeps proposing to her, but she keeps turning him down.

So do you think that celebrity couples with the same name are cute or just plain strange? And is it even weirder when celebs' significant others share names with their family members?

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