James Spader Leaving 'The Office' After One Season: Other Former Stars on the Show

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Steve Carell left "The Office" and now James Spader is exiting too.

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Steve Carell left "The Office" and now James Spader is exiting too.

Actor James Spader won't be returning to "The Office." It turns out his role as Robert California will last a mere one season. Spader recently made the announcement that he will move on from the ensemble comedy and not appear in the ninth season. For years "The Office" has been one of the more popular comedies on network television. Many actors have made it that way, including some that have moved on to other things. Here is a look at some other stars that were on "The Office" but left for other things.

Steve Carell

This is the most obvious name when you think about former members of "The Office" cast. The comedy sensation became a huge movie star while he was working on the show. It was only a matter of time before he gave up his day job as the lead character. His goofy Michael Scott was the heart and soul of the show for a long time but it has managed to survive without him. Could the actor make one more guest appearance? If it ever happens it would probably come in the series finale.

Rashida Jones

The daughter of Quincy Jones played a prominent role in the third season. She came to the Scranton branch when it merged with another office. She struck up a romance with Jim and instantly became the obstacle between he and Pam. Eventually, she lost the battle for his affection and took a job in another branch. She has appeared a couple of times since then in minor guest roles.

Amy Ryan

The Oscar nominated actress played the woman that stole Michael's heart on the show. She became the HR rep in Scranton and started dating Michael. The two broke up and Ryan essentially left the show except for a few guest spots. She returned toward the end of the seventh season and played an important role. Eventually, Michael and her got together and moved to Colorado. She has not appeared on the show since.

David Denman

It might seem like a long time ago but Pam was engaged to another worker on the show. Denman played warehouse employee Roy, the unappreciative boyfriend of our favorite receptionist. He appeared regularly through the first three seasons. However, Denman was done as a regular on the show after his character tried to attack Jim. He has appeared once or twice since then but no longer figures into the mix.

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