James Spader to Leave 'The Office' -- 5 Stars Who Should Take the CEO's Desk Next Year

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Actor Brad Pitt.

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Actor Brad Pitt.

Last year, James Spader turned what was going to be a brief cameo on "The Office" season finale into a year-long character arc as the new CEO of Sabre. Fans of the show were mostly pleased because Spader's performance in that cameo had been so creepy and odd that it made us all wonder what he could bring to the show week in and week out. This season, Spader hasn't been in every episode, but his character, Robert California, has definitely shaken up Dunder-Mifflin and created some true chaos as he "runs" the company; the only question is if he's running it right into the ground.

With Spader's announcement that he's definitely leaving after this year, another void will be created. Though not nearly as big as the whole Steve Carell left when he departed the series after its seventh season. Some could argue that Carell's presence really never was replaced before the start of this, the eighth run of the show.

We thought it might be fun to think about who else could step in and become the new Sabre CEO.

Steve Carell - Come on. You know you want this to happen. It would be the perfect way to cap off the series, if Michael Scott comes roaring back to "The Office" and asserts himself as the CEO of the company. Just imagine the comic possibilities watching Michael navigate the waters of executive life.

Ricky Gervais - Yes, he's said a million times he has no interest in being on America's version of the show he created as more than just the tiny little cameo he did last year. However, it would still be a fun and exciting change if David Brent, Ricky's original version of Michael Scott, somehow found himself as the chief executive of Sabre.

Zach Galifianakis - Zach is hilarious, and we'd love to see what he can do with a few episodes to play with a character. Maybe he'd have his trademark beard; maybe he wouldn't. One thing's for sure though, seeing Zach and Rainn Wilson, who plays Dwight, square off against one another could be a definite treat.

Brad Pitt - No, this is not a serious suggestion, at all. Sure, Brad did actually do a sitcom appearance when he was married to Jennifer Aniston and she was still on "Friends." However, in all reality, we feel like no matter who steps into the CEO role, the show may just be on its last legs, so why not go for broke and land a huge mega star to send you out in style?

No One - This is perhaps the most pragmatic decision. In the last couple of weeks there have been talks of a Dwight spin-off and Mindy Kaling, one of the show's writers and producers who also plays Kelly on the show getting her own pilot produced by Fox. So let's just take the hint and let this be the swan-song for sitcom that ran strong, but maybe just couldn't quite fill the space left by Carell's departure last year.

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