James Franco Busts a Rhyme -- Other Celebrities to Publish Poetry

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Is James Franco the perfect rebound for Kristen Stewart?

You probably thought James Franco's résumé couldn't get any longer. Over the past several years, he's published a collection of short stories, took his turn at directing a few short films and documentaries, had a gig on General Hospital, been a columnist for Playboy, held several shows and exhibitions for his artwork, and released an album, all while pursuing six postgraduate degrees and starring in a half-dozen films. He even pulled double duty as the host of the Oscars the same year he was nominated. Because, who has time for chairs?

Now the New York Times reports that Graywolf Press, an independent Minnesota publisher, will publish a new poetry collection from the "Oz: The Great and Powerful" star. The book titled "Directing Herbert White" is scheduled for release in April 2014 and will focus on ways "to blend film and poetry and performance and persona."

With three M.F.A. degrees in writing from Columbia University, Brooklyn College, and Warren Wilson College, the bar is set slightly higher than for the average daytime soap opera star-turned-poet. Jeffrey Shotts, the poetry editor of Graywolf Press, said that the "Pineapple Express" star's poems "are, in part, a series of portraits of American successes and failures from within Hollywood." Topics in which Franco is undoubtedly well-versed. His turn at the Academy Awards stands as a testament to that.

Viggo Mortensen

When he isn't playing haunted and introspective characters in films like "The Road" or "Eastern Promises," the 54-year-old actor is working on his painting, music, and writing. Over the last 20 years, "The Return of the King" star has released over a dozen albums of spoken word accompanied by sparse musical compositions from various musical collaborators.

"Pieces of you drift by in the dead of the afternoon / on the yellow tip of a wave. / The same shark that came to shore at the end of yesterday / rolls sickly / bumping coral like a tired drunk / to avoid being eaten at low tide."

Leonard Nimoy

Like Mr. Franco, Leonard Nimoy took his turn as a jack of all trades. During his iconic career as Mr. Spock he worked on his photography, released five albums, and directed several films. He also penned two autobiographies and published several collections of poetry and random musings.

"Today, / Time has stopped. / A minute is still a minute. / An hour is still an hour. / And yet, / The past and the future / Hang in perfect balance. / All focused on the present. / A sweet flow of excitement / Warms me. / You are near."

Rosie O'Donnell

The former talk show host and moderator on "The View" has a unique way of keeping in touch with her fans. On her blog, she catalogs the details of her day in free verse, Instagram, and artwork. While she doesn't update the site each day, the posts read more like diary entries than actual poems. However, they provide plenty of intimacy into the occasionally brash comedian's inner-monologue.

"Today i will make stuff / art some say / garbage chant others / silence both liars and do."

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