Jake Gyllenhaal Hit on Ellen Pompeo?

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Jake Gyllenhaal Hit on Ellen Pompeo?

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Jake Gyllenhaal has been one busy guy in Hollywood.

On April 2, Jake Gyllenhaal attended the "Celebration of Paul Newman's Dream" event in New York City which was a fundraiser for Newman's SeriousFun Children's Network. Jake was one of the big name celebrities who performed during the event and he talked about his memories of Paul, saying "What I remember about Paul Newman is that, I was a kid who grew up knowing him more than anything as being on the cover of a salad dressing bottle. As ironic as that might seem to so many people, it actually is something I think he cared about more than his acting career…He devoted so much of his life to this [charity]." Other than attending the charity event, what else has he been up to lately?

"An Enemy"

The actor will reportedly star in the movie "An Enemy," which is based on the book "The Double." The story is about a man who rents a DVD and finds that one of the characters is his double so he decides to track him down. Basically it means Jake will be starring opposite himself. Talk about giving himself a challenge.

"End of Watch"

The 31-year-old finished filming the cop drama "End of Watch" not too long ago and last month a release date was finally announced. It will be heading into theaters on September 28, 2012. Along with Michael Pena, the two star as cops in South Central Los Angeles. His wife will be played by "Twilight" beauty Anna Kendrick.

Ellen Pompeo flirting

Did you know that the "Grey's Anatomy" star and the hottie worked on a movie together back in 2002? While at a press conference honoring Shonda Rimes, Ellen recently opened up about their meeting and said "I was...in the waiting room and the director and this guy, Jake Gyllenhaal, who I had never heard of -- no one had ever heard of him at that point -- walked past me. I [had] my head down...so I didn't get a look at Jake." When she finally saw him, she realized they already had a chance encounter. "I had met Jake a couple of weeks prior on the sidewalk! I walked into the room and I saw Jake and I said, 'Oh my God, it's you! We sort of bumped into each other. He told me I was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen." The then 32-year-old actress and then 22-year-old actor apparently had some strong chemistry going on. "I said, 'He's 12! And maybe we'll see each other again and I should leave!' There were sparks, but we just bolted." The director of the movie, Brad Silberling, commented on the tension in the room "We were like, 'No, we don't know each other. We made love to each other not speaking on the sidewalk, but we don't know each other!'"

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