Jada Pinkett Smith Tweets the Virtues of the 40 & Fab Club!

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Jada Pinkett Smith and her hubbie Will Smith are bona fide Hollywood royalty. Sure, Will is a big time movie star, but that goes without saying. The rest of the family is shining as well. Tween daughter Willow Smith can't make a style change without setting off a controversy. Recently the young Jay-Z protege set twitter on fire by posting a pic of herself with a fake tongue piercing. Jaden Smith is also a smoldering star in-the-making. From his hit flick "Karate Kid" to rocking out with Justin Bieber, Jaden can hold his own.

Meanwhile Jada is 40 going on 41; and fabulous! How do we know? Well, the former "Different World" star told us so herself. Jada recently tweeted a picture of herself emerging from the water looking Olympic-level fit. The shot is reminiscent of Halle Berry's famous orange bikini James Bond moment.

It seems that Jada's latest role is as a role model for empowered aging. The petite actress tweeted, "To my Forty and over crew! Don't believe the hype...we DO get better with age!" Even haters and frenemies must agree that the Baltimore beauty looks flawless.

While the Hollyhood may choose to focus on the young Disney cuties, we appreciate a wise beauty like Mrs. Smith. This year, several stars leave the Dirty Thirty club for their Fun Forties. So while Jada and Will may be lamenting the breakup of their buddies Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Jada has plenty of BFFs to choose from if she wanted to created a Mastermind Group of divas over 40. Check out other ladies who are fab and 40.

Sofia Vergara

Anyone who would dare question Sofia's hotness must be in need of a pulse check. The Colombian-born comedic actress is funny and smart to boot. TV's highest paid actress turned 40 on July 10th this year. The "youngster" is still the May half of her "Modern Family " May-December onscreen marriage to veteran actor Ed O'Neill.

Christina Applegate

Ed's "Married With Children" daughter, Kelly Bundy, is also 40. She will be 41 in November. The beauty battled breast cancer courageously in the public eye and won. We're sure that she's a hot mama to baby girl Sadie Grace.


We applaud Jada for trumpeting the power of aging. Other stars who are gorgeously 40 or turning 40 include: Gabrielle Union, Jennifer Garner, Thandie Newton, Jennie Garth, Maya Rudolph, Carmen Electra, Jill Scott, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jenny McCarthy, Rebecca Romijn, Alyssa Milano, Angie Harmon, Selma Blair and Amanda Peet. Well done, all!

So what do you think? Help us complete the list. Who else is 40 and fab?

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