Jack Osbourne’s MS Diagnosis: 5 More Celebs Who Live with Multiple Sclerosis

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Reality TV's first family, The Osbournes, are dealing with another health scare-- but this time it's not the Prince of Darkness or his job-juggling wife. Instead, Ozzy and Sharon's 26-year old son, Jack Osbourne, has just revealed that he's been diagnosed with the autoimmune disease multiple sclerosis. The news comes just two months after the birth of his baby daughter, Pearl.

While Jack said he was "angry" when he first got the diagnosis, his new motto is "adapt and overcome." Jack Osbourne is not the first celeb to come forward with an MS diagnosis. Here are 5 more stars who have been vocal about how this disease has affected their lives:

Montel Williams

Talk show host Montel Williams was diagnosed with the disease in 1999. Since then his non-profit MS Foundation has raised over $1.5 million for MS research. Williams told Ability Magazine that snowboarding helps with his symptoms. "When I'm snowboarding and my feet are strapped in, my brain seems to have a direct connection to my legs. After snowboarding it's night and day for my balance and walking….The benefits last for days." As for his diet, Williams told Healthy Hollywood he has eliminated junk and processed foods and added more fruit and veggies. "Smoothies are the perfect way to start my day because they have all the vital nutrients my body needs in a blended, easy to digest form," he said.

Teri Garr

Actress Teri Garr had appeared in everything from "Mr. Mom" to "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" (she even played Phoebe's birth mom on "Friends!") when she started experiencing unexplained tingling and stumbling, but it was 16 years before she got the definitive diagnosis of MS. Garr told Reader's Digest, "I thought, there's too much drama here. What if someone went out and talked about it like a stand-up comic? If you get somebody laughing - and then stick in a point about something important - they'll remember it." Garr also claims that Pilates offers her both physical and emotional benefits. "It doesn't help to contemplate how sad your life is," she said. "You have to move on."

David Lander

You may know him best as Squiggy from the 1970's sitcom of "Laverne and Shirley," but David Lander's multiple sclerosis diagnosis was no laughing matter. According to the National MS Society, Lander announced he had MS in 1999, nearly 14 years after his diagnosis. At the time, he told People he realized something was wrong when he had trouble hopping up onto the set on the game show "Hollywood Squares." "If you've got MS and you've got to climb up to that box, I'm telling you, it isn't easy," he said.

Victoria Williams

The folk rock singer announced her MS diagnosis in 1993 and was immediately embraced by an array of musician friends when she also revealed that she didn't have health insurance. The result was a series of benefit concerts and the compilation album "Sweet Relief: A Benefit For Victoria Williams." The project featured performances by Lou Reed, Soul Asylum and Pearl Jam, who sang Williams' song "Crazy Mary." The Sweet Relief Musicians Fund was later created to aid professional musicians in need of health care. In 2009, Williams told Neurology Now that she has tried controversial alternative treatments, including bee venom therapy (she once owned a beehive), but it's music that has proved to be the most healing.

Neil Cavuto

The FOX news anchor was already a cancer survivor when he got a diagnosis of MS in the late 1990's. But even with two devastating health scares, he tries to keep his focus on his work. Last year Cavuto told Zap2It, "I just try to take it day by day. If I can help anyone with MS or a disease and say, 'It's really your attitude,' then I'm doing a service, not by constantly yapping about it, but by doing my job." He also added: "I'm reminded every day of what I've got. No one needs to tell me, and I know it's a progressive disease. I tend not to focus on it. Days when it gets really bad, and [liberal Fox News commentator] Alan Colmes makes sense, then I know things are bad."

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