Jack Osbourne Marries In Hawaii and Joins Celebrity Lifesavers Club

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Jack Osbourne Marries In Hawaii and Joins Celebrity Lifesavers Club

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Dustin Hoffman has also saved a life!

Jack Osbourne has come quite a ways from his wild and crazy times as a teenager. In the past week the son of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne has tied the knot and saved a woman's life.

Jack wed his new wife Lisa Stelly in a private ceremony with less than 50 guests in Hawaii. It's been a big year for the young star personally. His wedding came six months after Lisa gave birth to the couple's adorable daughter. Jack was also diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in the past year.

A few days after the wedding Jack and a friend revived a woman on the beach who had collapsed. Jack's wife commented on her husband's heroic actions by saying on Twitter, " Really proud of Jack and his friend Tyler who saved a woman on the beach yesterday who'd had a heart attack and drown. They resuscitated her … Until the ambulance came. We just found out she's in a stable condition! Awesome!"

Jack isn't the only awesome celeb lending a hand to regular people. Let's take a look at other heroic celebs.

Dustin Hoffman

Dustin seems like a pretty cool dude and he proved just how awesome he is by saving the life of a jogger that suffered a heart attack earlier this year. Dustin was taking a walk in the park when he saw Sam Dempster, a British lawyer, drop to the ground. Unfortunately, Sam didn't have any recollection of Dustin's assistance.

"I have no memory of what happened," he said. "The paramedics told me I had been saved by Dustin Hoffman. It's unbelievable."

Ryan Gosling

Ryan is pretty much the Batman of New York City. In the past year Ryan has broken up a street fight captured on video and saved a London woman from getting hit by a car.

The woman, Laurie Penny, who was saved said she wasn't aware of who the actor was until a witness next to her said , "you lucky bitch." Lucky, indeed! What else can this actor do to make girls swoon all over him?

Patrick Dempsey

He might play Dr. McDreamy on television but in real life he's just as helpful as his sexy alter ego. Earlier this spring the actor helped a teenage boy who flipped his car three times and ended up on the star's property.

Seventeen-year-old Weston Massett was trapped inside his car when McDreamy came to the rescue with a crowbar, fire extinguisher, and first-aid kit. Patrick helped the kid get out of the car and stayed by his side until he was taken to the hospital by an airlift. We're so glad the actor was able to save Weston's life.

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