Is J-Lo Turning Her Twins into Mini-Divas?

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Reports that Jennifer Lopez's twins are "running amok" backstage during her sold-out concert tour with Enrique Iglesias have J-Lo watchers questioning the pop queen's parenting philosophy.

A source told Radar Online, "Jennifer has absolutely no control over her children. When she's rehearsing for the show and Casper is on stage with her, the kids are left pretty much to their own devices without much supervision." The insider said Emme and Max Anthony were kicking out wires and destroying equipment, adding, "It's a miracle they haven't been electrocuted yet because the lighting systems are very dangerous."

What's surprising is that J-Lo has turned a blind eye to their misbehavior, allegedly telling stagehands their rambunctious antics are normal for 4-year-olds.

But the children's lives are anything but normal.

In April, the twins posed with the Bronx-born Lopez and the Easter Bunny, but they did not have to stand in line like most children during the photo-op. Their millionaire mom paid to have the mall Easter Bunny off limits to commoners so her children could have the holiday hare all to themselves.

When she announced her current concert tour in May, Lopez made a point to tell the media her children are the most important part of her life. "My babies and their happiness and their health come first," she told "Entertainment Tonight." She said her philosophy is to "prioritize (and) do the best I can just like any other single mom out there."

What Lopez left out was that most single moms cannot afford nannies and an entourage of personal assistants to make touring with two pre-schoolers manageable. Yet the downside to leaving her child rearing to others is that Lopez may not have learned how to set limits on her tots' outrageous behaviors.

Part of the problem could be the children are used to being catered to by devoted caregivers. A photo of Max and Emme at Target depicted them with two nannies wheeling their cart. Why each child needs his or her own dedicated nanny is a mystery to most mothers and fathers who manage to rear their kids with much lower adult-to-child ratios.

Ultimately, it is not surprising the Anthony twins would wreak havoc backstage at their mommy's concerts. They are used to being closely supervised and may not know how to behave appropriately when no adults are around to reel them in.

They are also likely thrilled to be spending so much time around their busy mom and may be acting out to attract her notice. Taking a cue from her 2001 "Let's Get Loud" tour, the mini-divas could merely be trying to get their 43-year-old mother to pay more attention to them.

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