What’s so Influential About Pippa Middleton?

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When Time magazine published its list of the 100 most influential people in the world, the editors explained they selected people who "inspire us, entertain us, challenge us and change our world." So why was Pippa Middleton on this lofty list?

Aside from being related to a royal-by-marriage, the younger sister of the former Kate Middleton is known mainly for her shapely behind, cool clothes and party girl lifestyle. So how exactly does that inspire, entertain or challenge us -- not to mention change our world?

Pippa Inspires

Pippa's peers on the Time Top 100 list, such as Tim Tebow and Adele, could inspire today's youth to pursue careers in basketball or music. But what could Pippa inspire young people to do -- encourage their older sister to marry a prince?

Maybe so.

Pippa has gotten the best of both worlds with Kate's marriage to Wills. She gets all the fame and attention her big sister does without having to make public appearances with a pasted-on smile. The girl-whose-bum-launched-a-thousand-ships can pick and choose her charity events, such as a cross-country ski marathon in the Swedish mountains in March to raise funds for a free healthy breakfast service.

The middle child of the middle class Middletons also dresses fashionably, so perhaps that could inspire young people to shop more and stimulate the economy. Plus, her derriere is so desired by other women that she inspires them to visit plastic surgeons to get their own backsides reshaped, pricey procedures that could help doctors pay the mortgage on their mansions.

Pippa Entertains

This may be the one criterion on which Pippa's inclusion on the influential list could be defended. The pretty brunette has taken over Prince Harry's role as the most-searched royal sibling on the Internet. Some days she even beats out such media magnets as Angelina Jolie and Justin Bieber.

To accomplish this, the 28-year-old has involved herself in such hijinks as riding in the car with a guy who pointed a toy gun at a paparazzo. On a slow news day, that could be construed as entertainment.

Pippa Challenges Us

For those who cannot afford to get their rumps surgically retrofitted, the well-proportioned royal sister has most likely challenged women everywhere to do more Pilates. The woman whom George Lopez called a "British Kardashian" is a regular at London's Pilates on the Go. She also runs, rides bikes, swims, plays tennis, skis and ice skates, challenging all of us to get off our bums and move. No doubt even Michelle Obama (who was not on the list this year) would approve of that.

Though Pippa may be a perfectly pleasant and respectable young woman, we still don't see how the party planner ended up on such an exclusive list, even if she was paired with her older sister as one influential unit. Maybe she could top the list of the 100 most influential siblings of royals, but when she is competing against seven billion other people on the planet for "most influential," the 5-foot, 9-inch Brit falls a tad short.

Possibly Time wanted yet another excuse to feature the famous figure on its pages to sell magazines. If nothing else, Pippa Middleton is photogenic.

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