Ian Somerhalder Would Star in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ – Who Else Could Play Christian and Anastasia?

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Ian Somerhalder has revealed that he would love to play Christian Grey in the already-hotly-anticipated movie "Fifty Shades of Grey."

Ian said that getting to play Christian would be a "phenomenal opportunity," and he'd certainly make an interesting choice for the role. Author E.L. James' book about a dominant-submissive relationship between billionaire businessman Christian Grey and college student Anastasia Steele was originally written as "Twilight" fanfiction, so obviously fans would love to see Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart take on the challenging roles. But why not let the other famous real-life couple who met in a world inhabited by vampires and werewolves star in "Fifty Shades of Grey?" If Ian Somerhalder plays Christian, of course his "Vampire Diaries" costar and real-life girlfriend Nina Dobrev would have to be cast as Anastasia (although it's hard to imagine the cute-as-a-button actress doing some of the stuff she does).

Since there's so much sex involved, it would almost make sense for a real-life couple to take on the roles - it might be hard for strangers to get so intimate. Miley Cyrus would probably love to score such a role with boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, especially since her latest movie "LOL" basically got turned into a direct-to-DVD release (it will only be opening in seven cities next month). She's going to have to do something completely out of her comfort zone like "Fifty Shades of Grey" if she wants to be taken seriously as an actress.

It would be more likely for Liam to get cast alongside his "The Hunger Games" costar Jennifer Lawrence, however. She's currently one of the most buzzed-about actresses in Hollywood, but after playing a teen warrior and starring in the gritty movie "Winter's Bone," she might be ready to show the world that she can do more than play tough, tomboyish characters. And what better way to do that than by getting sexy and submissive?

One more real-life couple that might be considered is Alex Pettyfer and Riley Keough. The couple met on the set of male stripper movie "Magic Mike," so Alex shouldn't be too uncomfortable showing off more than his chiseled jawline and chest. Meanwhile Riley, who is Elvis Presley's granddaughter, is starring in the lesbian werewolf movie "Jack and Diane." The MPAA has given the movie an R rating for "strong sexual content including nudity and an assault, bloody violence, language and drinking," so maybe she'd have no problem dealing the subject matter that's explored in "Fifty Shades."

Since the erotic novel started out with E.L. envisioning Edward and Bella, why not use Stephenie Meyer's first choices to play the beloved "Twilight" couple? Meyer's original picks to play the young lovers were Emily Browning and Henry Cavill, who would actually be perfect for "Fifty Shades." Emily has experience starring in a sexually-explicit movie that required her to shoot many difficult scenes -- in "Sleeping Beauty" she plays a college student who gets paid to become sedated while letting men have sex with her. So in a way she's already done the whole submissive thing. Meanwhile Henry will have experience playing a character who leads a secret double life just like Christian - he's playing Superman in "Man of Steel." And of course it also helps that he's quite a hunk.

So do you think that Ian and Nina would be perfect for "Fifty Shades of Grey," or do you think another actress and actor would be a better fit? Sound off in the comments!

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