Hulu AdZone Relaunches With Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial Previews, Hundreds of Prior Year Ads (Video)

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Warming up for Super Bowl XLVIII, Hulu re-launched its AdZone on Thursday, pre-loaded with hundreds of commercials from Super Sundays past.

Beyond just watching old classics from prior gridiron finales during Feb. 2′s big game, advertising fans can log onto the website to watch and vote for their favorite new Super Bowl commercials, which will be released in real-time. The votes will be tallied and announced immediately after the end of the game.

“The Super Bowl is the most watched and talked about television event of the year,” Jim O’Donnell, vice president, Advertising Sales at Hulu told TheWrap. “Fans don’t just talk about the game, they talk about the commercials, and Hulu’s AdZone brings viewers the ultimate Super Bowl advertising experience.”

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For now, several teasers of Super Bowl XLVIII commercials are available to view early on Adzone.

“Marketers are getting smarter about maximizing their investment in the game,” O’Donnell said. “It’s become common for them to ‘leak’ ads in advance to create buzz for the big pay-off on game day.”

This weekend, the New England Patriots will play the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship Game and the San Francisco 49ers take on the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC Championship. The winners of the two contests will have a week off before meeting at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium for Feb. 2′s Super Bowl XLVIII.

The AdZone player is embedded directly below. Scroll down further to watch two iconic Super Bowl ads, and preview two of the upcoming ones beneath those:

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