Hugh Jackman Busy on 'Wolverine' Set: Other Big Sequels Due Out in 2013

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Actor Hugh Jackman is going back to the well as he reprises one of his most famous roles. The Australian actor is currently on the set of "The Wolverine," the sequel to the 2009 movie "X-Men Origins: Wolverine." Counting the other "X-Men" films, this will be the sixth time that Hugh appears on screen as the famous comic book character. He last appeared in a brief cameo in 2011's "X-Men: First Class." The 43-year-old actor seems especially excited about working on the next movie. He tweeted, "we're on day 1 of shooting…..wolverine is back…feel so pumped about this one……never felt so ready!!!! will keep y'all posted!!!" This movie is just one of many highly anticipated sequels due out in 2013. Here is a look at some of the other notable sequels that moviegoers should be excited about next year.

Iron Man 3

Robert Downey, Jr. will return as Tony Stark for the third chapter of the successful "Iron Man" franchise. Robert, who also played the character in the 2012 blockbuster "Marvel's The Avengers," will be joined by returning stars Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle, as well as new additions Ben Kingsley and Guy Pearce. Due to come out in early May, the next "Iron Man" movie should be a massive hit. The first two films in the series each pulled down more than $300 million at the box office.

Grown Ups 2

Adam Sandler and his comedy pals are back together again for the sequel to the 2010 hit "Grown Ups." Adam, Kevin James, Chris Rock, and David Spade will all reunite for what is going to be a star-studded comedy affair. Actresses like Maya Rudolph and Maria Bello will return as their leading ladies, while young stars like Taylor Lautner and Patrick Schwarzenegger will join the cast as the antagonists. With so many big names ready for the sequel, this should be one of the funniest movies of 2013.

The Hangover Part III

Given the incredible box office success of the first two films, a third chapter in "The Hangover" franchise was inevitable. Sure enough, fans will get to see Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper, and Zach Galifianakis reprise their roles one more time when "The Hangover Part III" comes out next May. So far, the production team has been tight-lipped on plot details but that hasn't stopped the actors from sharing their excitement. Says Helms of the third movie, "It's like the most fun thing in the universe to make those movies, so we're gonna crank up again and see what happens."

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