Hugh Grant Not the Only Celebrity Hacked by News of the World

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Rupert Murdoch has come under fire for the role of his News Corp. organization in the recent phone hacking scandal in Great Britain

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Rupert Murdoch has come under fire for the role of his News Corp. organization in the recent phone hacking …

Hugh Grant may have never played an international spy, but he sure filled the role nicely in helping to bring forward evidence in the News of the World phone-hacking scandal. As one of the British celebrities whose phone calls were recorded and e-mails hacked, the romantic comedy actor secretly taped a conversation with an ex-reporter for the paper who claimed that phone hacking was "routine." Grant may have taken action first, but he's not the only international celebrity victim of the scandal, and here is the list of other celebrities involved.

Gwyneth Paltrow

The "Goop" creator had her personal phone calls monitored by a private investigator hired by the paper. The "Country Strong" and "Glee" actress was allegedly monitored by the U.K. tabloid, whether for celebrity gossip fodder or access to her husband, international rocker Chris Martin of Coldplay. Seems that the writers of Murdoch's paper were eager to get a head start on the blonde's tips for cooking, decorating and shopping before the rest of the country, or at least know the actresses whereabouts.

George Michael

The pop star claims that reporters actually spied on him, alleging more than just monitored phone calls. Seems that George Michael may be blaming some of his legal woes on the paper's practices, since he got caught in random places on several occasions. Upon news of the scandal and the tabloid's demise, the former member of Wham tweeted, "You gotta have faith in Karma."

Jude Law

Much like Hugh Grant, British actor Jude Law is not taking the scandal lying down. The "Sherlock Holmes" actor has already started a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the paper, after phone hacking led the tabloid to print quotes from private conversations between him and then-girlfriend Sienna Miller. Constantly surrounded by scandal and drama, Law finally gets a chance to take the heat off of himself and onto those who often start the fires.

Sienna Miller

Speaking of Jude Law's on-again, off-again girlfriend, actress Sienna Miller has already had her day in court with the troubled tabloid. Awarded more than $150,000 in May of 2011, the blond performer proved that the Murdoch paper improperly accessed her mobile phones, no doubt to gain access to those gossiped about discussions between her and Jude Law. The world may have enjoyed reading all about the turmoil between Law, Miller, and the nanny, but much of the story was obtained illegally and the paper has already paid for that criminal act.

Mick Jagger

The legendary lead singer for The Rolling Stones seems to be a long-time victim of phone hacking by News of the World. Many believe that the singer has been illegally monitored for over 40 years, and that some of his legal woes involving drug busts are due in part to information obtained by the tabloid's illegal hacking. Looks like the law is finally switching sides, as the tabloid comes under more fire than Jagger ever faced.

Prince William & Prince Harry

Even royalty is not safe against Rupert Murdoch. While the obstruction of justice charges involving the murder of 13-year-old Milly Dowler officially brought the case to the forefront of the world, rumors of illegal behavior have been swarming since 2006 due to intercepted messages meant for the two princes. An editor at the tabloid was arrested in that case, but it was not enough to bring about the paper's demise.

The best-selling Sunday paper in Britain has officially closed, but the shocking revelations of its practices are far from over. While these celebrities may feel slightly more comfortable knowing that they can use their phones in peace and privacy, there is still no telling what other major stars are yet to be revealed as victims of this phone-hacking scandal. Maybe it is time for celebrities, British or not, to get off their phones and just Tweet their personal lives, since it is clearly not safe to hide anywhere anymore.

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