Howard Stern Signs Up to Judge on 'America's Got Talent' -- 3 Things to Expect from the King of All Media

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Radio icon Howard Stern.

Apparently the producers of NBC's wide-ranging talent contest, aptly named "America's Got Talent," were ready for some serious change. It's been announced that next season one of the biggest names in entertainment history, Howard Stern, will join the show as a judge. Stern will sit along pals from his radio show, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel. That's not all, either. The show's base of operations is going to move from Los Angeles all the way out to New York City to accommodate Stern who still does a show on Sirius/XM radio during the week.

A couple of years ago, after Simon Cowell exited "American Idol" rumors started flying that Stern might be interested in judging on that show. He's always expressed interest on his radio show in hosting a game show, or judging on a talent competition. In fact, throughout the history of his groundbreaking radio show, Stern has hosted several talent contests, some tongue-in-cheek, and others legitimate attempts to find talent and critique it.

So what can fans of "America's Got Talent" and The King of All Media expect from the man who pretty much put talk radio on the map?

Don't Expect Him To Pull Any Punches -

Despite being on in prime-time on a major network, Howard Stern has spent the better part of nearly four decades staking his reputation on brutal honesty. Love him or loathe him, the man has had success in every form of media exactly because he speaks his mind. Now that he'll be expected to critique performances as part of his job, he may wind up making Simon Cowell look like a kindergarten teacher.

He Will Mix It Up With Howie and Sharon - Perhaps biggest on Stern's list of numerous talents is his ability to interact with and relate to whomever is in the room with him. On a lot of talent shows, the judging panel may have interesting debates from time to time, but since there is a prior relationship between all three of the new judges, you can expect a much different interaction between the three. Sure, there'll be some moments of disagreement, but Stern's relationship with the other two will help make even the disagreements more entertaining.

The Level of Talent Will Rise - Howard has famously high standards. His on-air critiques of shows like "Idol" have always been that they don't put through a high-enough caliber of contestant. Stern isn't the kind of person who will be swayed by sentimentality. Prospective contestants should take note: Howard Stern will gleefully eviscerate anyone who he feels isn't talented enough to be on that stage, and they should adjust their acts accordingly.

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