Howard Stern the Next Celebrity to Diss Kim Kardashian -- Why the King of All Media's Critique is Correct

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Howard Stern the Next Celebrity to Diss Kim Kardashian -- Why the King of All Media's Critique is Correct

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Radio icon Howard Stern.

It might become easier to start tallying the list of stars and celebrities who have not criticized or taken verbal jabs at reality TV star and self-branding machine Kim Kardashian. In a recent interview with "Extra," Howard Stern took exception to Kim ducking questions about her relationship with rapper Kanye West. Kardashian did an appearance on "Today" and kept avoiding any questions about her ties to West.

The new "America's Got Talent" judge had no problem passing judgment on Kim's dodging of the Kanye inquisition saying, "It's insane" that she wouldn't talk about her relationship, he said, explaining, "This is a girl who got famous revealing everything about her personal life, now… she thinks she's Jennifer Aniston, she's on there." Stern of course was referring to the fact that Kardashian exposed her relationships to the cameras taping her reality shows in the past, including relationships with football star Reggie Bush, and her husband for 72 days, Kris Humphries.

It was Stern's follow up that really underscored what he believes Kim's ultimate motivations are. "The second her show gets a dip in the ratings, she'll have Kanye out there in his underpants dancing around on her show, I mean, come on already, stop the nonsense." Stern may just have a point, and it's a similar point that's been made often about the Kardashian phenomenon.

When "Mad Men" star Jon Hamm lashed out against reality TV and Kim and Paris Hilton specifically, he used some harsh words. Though all the headlines went to his choice to call them "idiots" with a choice F-bomb in front, Hamm's real message was that to him these celebrities were really only concerned with keeping their names in the press and the ratings for their shows up. Hamm and Stern are on the same page.

It's a simple matter of over saturating the market that's caused such a backlash against the Kardashian clan, and Kim specifically. Undoubtedly she and her team did a great job of getting her firmly implanted into the zeitgeist of popular culture, but a series of bad press in the wake of her stunt marriage to Humphries started the snowball rolling down the hill, and it's only grown as the weeks have gone by.

The reality is that Stern's comments simply echo those of the folks who have found themselves burned out by the Kardashian Empire. Even her biggest fans know how important it is for Kim to control the information she makes public and she needs to be in control of the venue in which the information is divulged in order to maximize profit both financial and publicity-related. There's a transparent motivation behind everything the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star does, and the public at large is on to it too.

The real question at hand is how much more of the bloom can fall from the rose until Kim is relegated to "B" or "C" list status? If she can't stem the tide of growing ill-will, the answer could be "sooner than later."

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