Hot or Not? Jessica Alba’s Husband and Other Male Celebrities Who Wear Nail Polish

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Jessica Alba and Cash Warren

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Jessica Alba and Cash Warren

Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren took togetherness to the limit last week when both showed up at New York Fashion Week with fancy fingernails. The "Valentines Day" actress sported cherry red polish on her nails, while the man whom daughters Honor and Haven call "Daddy" opted for bright pink varnish and a metallic gold pinky nail.

It's enough to make John Wayne fall off his horse.

While gender boundaries have widened in recent years, especially among trend-setting celebs, nail polish has traditionally been worn by only women. In fact, one of the major perks of being a man is having a low-maintenance beauty routine. How else could a minimalist like Simon Cowell get away with wearing a white T-shirt and jeans each week while his female co-judges look like they just stepped off the cover of Vogue?

Perhaps most notable about Warren's choice to wear nail polish in public was not just the fact his nails were painted -- they were painted pink. Yet, surprisingly, the Hollywood producer is not the first famous hunk to wear this traditionally girlie color on the tips of his fingers.

Fashion plate David Beckham has also been spotted wearing pink polish in public. As People magazine pointed out, the father of four is "known for wearing his wife's nail polish and underwear." Secure in his own masculinity, the British soccer star does not seem to think painted nails detract from his macho image. He told Sports Illustrated, "I'm quite sure of my feminine side, and I've not got a problem with that at all."

More recently, a newly-separated Seal was seen wearing neon yellow nail polish on his hands sans wedding ring. It's possible he was deliberately drawing attention to the absence of this symbolic piece of jewelry after his split from supermodel wife Heidi Klum.

Last fall Johnny Depp modeled alternating blue- and black-polished nails at the premiere of his movie, "The Rum Diary." Celebrity website Sodahead seemed to think the eclectic look worked for the edgy actor: "Nail polish really doesn't seem to be just for the ladies anymore . . . as long as it's not pink."

Oops. Perhaps someone forget to mention this male fashion rule to Alba's and Beckham's better halves.

Or, maybe, even Prince Harry. The outrageous younger son of Britain's Prince Charles and his late bride, Princess Di, was snapped wearing pink polish on one of his hands during a night of clubbing a few years ago. The coquettish color matched the boxer shorts he showed off on the dance floor, according to his mates.

Whether wearing nail polish makes a guy seem more secure in his masculinity or arouses suspicion he's secretly playing for the other team is a matter of personal opinion. For now, most fellows are still opting not to paint their nails or -- if they do -- selecting a more traditionally masculine color like Smoke, Gasoline and Burnin' Rubber, as one clever marketing firm has dubbed the nail "armours" it targets to men.

Do you think men wearing nail polish is a turn-on -- or should this new trend be scratched?

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