Hollywood Needs Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy’s New Romance

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Why Conor Kennedy Won’t Get His Own Taylor Swift Break-Up Song

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Taylor Swift

The winds have picked up in the mini-whirlwind that is the brewing romance between country/pop singer Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy, a grandson in the famous Kennedy clan. As things heat up between the adorable two, the rest of the world breathes a silent sigh of relief. There is something refreshing about these two getting cozy. But there are other reasons why Hollywood needs a new romance like this…

A Cougar in Training? Not really...

You can call her a mini-cougar if you'd like. But the 22 year-old's four-year advantage seems practically non-existent if you look at it this way:

Given the history behind the Kennedy name, Conor's 18 years on the earth is probably something more like 20. And because Taylor is still viewed as a perpetual teenager, her actual Hollywood age is somewhere around 19. So that actually means he's older than her; they're a perfect match.

Breaking the Family Curse

You've got to admit that the Kennedys happen to be one family plagued with horrific events. Some have even expressed concern for the bright-eyed pop star as she becomes a fixture in their notorious household. Nonetheless, reports coming from their camp are laden with glowing reviews of Swift's bubbly persona. Perhaps she is the breath of fresh air that unit needs to break the cycle of tragedies.

Kristen Stewart

Considering the gravity of the "Twilight" actress' recent romantic scandal, it's difficult to comprehend that she and Swift are actually the same age. The 22 year-olds are literally night and day in terms of their public personas. There is a lot of "darkness" surrounding Kristen Stewart's romantic life and subsequent love triangle---vampires, heart-stealing Evil Queens, and introverted actors. This atmosphere is the complete opposite of Taylor's apparently rosy world. America's sweetheart dating an influential political heir is perhaps just what headlines need.

Six Degrees of Sticky Separation

Taylor once dated dreamy Joe Jonas of the pop sensation The Jonas Brothers. The pair were darlings of Hollywood, until their unfortunate split. Enter the stage: Camilla Belle, Joe's next paramour. Problems ensue. The term "man stealer" is lightly tossed around. Taylor pens the hit, "Better Than Revenge."

On a side note, Camilla Belle once played a character who is romanced by a teen named Connor Kennedy ("The Quiet", 2006). Swift is now dating a very significant, very real-life Conor Kennedy. The coincidence, however insignificant-is uncanny. You see? Even America's sweetheart can have a love triangle too. Better than revenge.

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