Hollywood’s Hottest Pranksters Refuse to Grow Up

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Is George really dating Stacy?

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Is George really dating Stacy?

Look out, Selena Gomez -- your prankster boyfriend might be playing practical jokes for a long time.

Justin Bieber loves playing pranks on people so much that he's become the host of the MTV show "Punk'd," but while a love of tricking people might seem like a teen thing, some of Hollywood's hottest guys have proved that pranking can be a life-long passion.

Take Brad Pitt, for example. The actor's "Moneyball" costar Jonah Hill recently regaled David Letterman with a tale of one of Papa Pitt's on-set pranks, dishing to the talk show host about how Brad covered his beloved golf cart with bright pink shrink-wrap. Later on the hunky dad decided to brand Jonah as a fan of the 80s band Wham! by turning the golf cart into a Wham-mobile, complete with a glammed-up photo of Brad and Jonah as the members of the band and a declaration of Jonah's love for them (it's nice to know that living with six kids has not killed Papa Pitt's sense of humor just yet). Now perhaps Jonah should enlist big bad Brad to help him get back at Matthew Morrison for being such an insufferable bully.

But Brad also knows what it's like to be on the receiving end of a prank, thanks to his "Ocean's Eleven" costar George Clooney. George has branded Brad and Matt Damon "brutal" pranksters, but he's one to talk. According to Don Cheadle, loony Clooney once put a bumper sticker on Brad's car reading, "Honk if you love c**k!" However, Damon proved how devious he can be by confirming to a reporter that George is gay (the guys certainly seem to love gay jokes). But he didn't get away with playing a joke on George without retaliation -- the cunning Cloon hired a tailor to take in all of the waistbands on Matt's pants each day while he was staying with him at his Italian villa, and the actor just couldn't understand how he was gaining weight when he was trying so hard to lose it for a movie role (sounds like George might have invented Hollywood's hottest new diet).

And no costars are safe from Hollywood's hottest prankster. He tried to embarrass "The Ides of March" leading lady Evan Rachel Wood by videotaping her busting a few moves to a Bieber song, and even threatened to put the footage on the movie's DVD. He also tried to humiliate Ryan Gosling on the same movie set by making it appear like the actor had a leaky bladder. According to Ryan, George would come up to him and say something very serious. When he walked away, Ryan would notice that his pants were wet because George had been squirting them with a water bottle the whole time he was talking. Great joke, George, but next time try to make someone laugh so hard that they really pee their pants instead of faking it with water.

Johnny Depp probably has the most juvenile sense of humor out of Hollywood's hottest pranksters, but Penelope Cruz certainly finds him hilarious. According to his "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" costar, Johnny has a remote control fart machine that he liked to make use of while they were shooting dramatic scenes. However, his humorous antics were rather disruptive -- filming was once delayed for two hours because everyone on set couldn't stop laughing (time is money in Hollywood, so that was probably one expensive joke).

But at least Johnny's joke wasn't downright cruel. Many moons ago when Gerard Butler was dating Jennifer Aniston, the actor and actress decided to pull a prank on Gerard's mom. He called her up to tell her that he and Jen were getting married, and the poor woman got really excited at the prospect of gaining such a great a daughter-in-law. Unfortunately we all know how things really turned out, and now Gerard's mom still doesn't have a wedding to look forward to (it's highly unlikely his rumored fling with Brandi Glanville will go anywhere).

So while it's great that these guys haven't lost their sense of humor, they might want to watch taking their jokes too far. After all, it's not all that funny to waste money and make mammas cry (are you taking notes, Biebs?).

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