Hollywood Head-Scratchers -- 5 of the Biggest Snubs in Academy Awards History

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Who will step out together on the Red Carpet this year?

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Who will step out together on the Red Carpet this year?

The Oscars are coming! The Oscars are coming! The Academy Awards are held every year to honor those films that made the most impact artistically, or contributed most to the motion picture industry in the previous year. Yet every year there are nominees that everyone just knows will take home the prize and they go home empty-handed. For instance this year showbiz legend Albert Brooks was everyone's favorite to win the Best Supporting Actor. The problem is that no one told the folks who make the nominations, because Brooks was left completely out in the cold!

We thought it might be fun to look back at some of the times when the academy got it horribly wrong.

"Goodfellas" Loses to Some Wolves - For a long time, director Martin Scorsese was the Susan Lucci of the Oscars. Nominated nearly every year he directed a film, Marty never seemed to be able to take home the prize. In 1991, his greatest film "Goodfellas" was nominated. But when the smoke cleared, the film had lost both Best Picture and Best Director to Kevin Costner and his film, "Dances With Wolves."

No Love For Leo - No one could really blame Leonardo DiCaprio if he never showed up to an Oscar night ever again. He's been snubbed out of both nominations and wins. First, he was not nominated for Best Actor for his work in the critical and box office mega-hit "Titanic" when his co-star Kate Winslet was. In his subsequent three nominations, Leo was denied as well. This year, he wasn't even nominated for his chameleon-like portrayal of former FBI head J. Edgar Hoover in "Hoover."

Denzel Washington Loses to Tommy Lee Jones - We're not saying Tommy Lee's performance in "The Fugitive" wasn't great; it was spectacular. But do you know who else was nominated that year? Not Denzel Washington for his groundbreaking work in "Philadelphia." Maybe the academy felt giving the Best Actor award to Tom Hanks for the story of a laywer stricken with AIDS who sues his former firm was enough. But Washington's performance helped elevate Hanks' and there was no reason that he shouldn't have won the award that year.

Chaplin's Best Work Gets Ignored - Widely held as one of the biggest travesties of Oscar justice, the inimitable Charlie Chaplin didn't even get a whiff of a nomination for his work in "City of Lights." Critics point to this silent-era film as his best and most textured performance, yet the comedic icon's film didn't receive a single nomination, leaving the Tramp out in the cold, though he wouldn't got his entire career without an Oscar, winning an honorary award for his contribution to film making, and an award for Best Music, Dramatic Score in 1973, just four years before he passed away.

Hitchcock Got Blanked - While he did win an Irving Thalberg Memorial award, the director who practically invented the modern suspense film never won a single Academy Award for his work on classic films like "Psycho," "Rear Window" or "Spellbound," all of which got Hitch a nomination, but none of which took the prize home. It just goes to show they can't them all right.

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